Portal Speedrun Completed In A Dizzying Eight Minutes

Posted July 26, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Sure, you're pretty good at Portal... but can you complete it in eight minutes? Someone did, and that playthrough is now a fully verified and record-breaking speedrun (via Eurogamer). In the case of a Portal speedrun, the ticking clock starts when crosshairs first appear on the screen and stops when GLaDOS bites the dust. SpeedDemosArchives rules also require that no cheats or anything of the sort be used for a "legal" speedrun.

The new eight-minute speedrun leans heavily on glitches already in the game, and it manages to best the previous record by about a minute thanks to a newly discovered hole to jump through. Watching this playthrough isn't like watching a normal round of Portal, but it's cool all the same. Congrats to the SourceRuns team for setting the bar even higher for potential challengers.

Portal Speedrun Completed In A Dizzying Eight Minutes


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