Nuka Break Pt. 2 -- Second Season Emerges From The Vault


Posted July 21, 2012 - By Jonathan Deesing

Nuka Break Pt 1 - Turning Fan Fiction Into Reality

Nuka Break, the wildly popular fan-made live-action series set in the Fallout universe recently scored a huge victory with a $130,000 Kickstarter campaign for their second season. To find out just what Wayside has in store for the next season, I called up Wayside Creations co-founder and creative director Zack Finfrock to talk shop. If you missed the first part of my interview with Zack Finfrock, make sure to check it out to understand just why so many people want more Nuka Break.

Kickstarter success stories have become ubiquitous in the video game world. Consequently it seems that too many independent companies now turn to the popular crowdfunding site expecting the type of overwhelming success achieved only by a select few; namely Double Fine Adventure. However, Nuka Break season two is entirely deserving of the success and support it saw last month, receiving over $130,000; 205 percent of their $60,000 goal.

Mo’ money, less problems

Finfrock was equally surprised and grateful for the wealth of support Wayside received and is excited to use that money to make an even more badass season of Nuka Break. When I asked him off the top of his head what they were looking to add now that they were so generously funded, he responded simply, “I want to say more details.” He went on to state, “for season two we’ll have more money for production design.” This includes more props, actors, and sets.

Though the set that hosted the delightful town of Eastwood burned down during filming of season one, Wayside still has their eyes on a number of other great locations in which to shoot. They’re looking at locations close to Los Angeles, and some as far away as the border of California and Nevada. Regarding places to shoot, Finfrock explained, “as cool as Eastwood was, we couldn’t put a lot of money into it.” However, the large amount of funding Wayside received has opened the door to any number of possible locations and sets.

“We were putting a lot of effort into season one and no one was getting paid to do it,” Finfrock explained, “and that’s going to change for season two.” This means more money for filming and post-production. “In season one most of the stuff from the Fallout universe was done in post [production] with visual effects.” This time around, Finfrock is looking to include a lot more props and sets to lend a more realistic feel to the series.

Perhaps more important are the actors, whose memorable performances endeared fans to the series in the first place. My personal favorite actor of the past season, the great Doug Jones (who played the touchy-feely mayor of Eastwood) is slated to make a return to the series next season, though whether or not he will be returning as the mayor remains to be seen. “We’ll let the story explain what’s happening,” Finfrock told me ominously.

Wayside will also be in talks soon with a number of big-name actors like Doug Jones that they hope will star in the series. Their organization and excellent planning were a big part of the reason Jones signed on in the first place. “These days it’s just as simple as emailing a script, offer and a time frame to a manager,” Finfrock explained, so don’t be surprised if you see another famous face in season two. In fact, you may be seeing a lot more faces, period, as Finfrock expects season two to have even more extras than season one. He hinted that there will likely be raids, battles, and any number of scenes featuring a large amount of actors.

Nuka Break Pt. 2 -- The Production Team Gets A Second Season

Here’s the story…

“Season two will definitely wrap up this storyline,” Finfrock assured me. That is, the storyline of Scar’s involvement with the slavers of Caesar’s Legion. From there, he was hesitant to reveal any of the storyline, and I’m not sure I would want it spoiled for myself. But with the writing help of Tybee Diskin (who played Scar), Chris Avellone (senior designer for Fallout: New Vegas), and Timothy Cain (senior programmer for Obsidian); season two is sure to feature some astounding writing.

Further, the team is no longer working under time constraints as they were last season, so there could very well be more than six episodes this time around. As Finfrock told me, “we’re not limiting ourselves this time.” Ideally, the team hopes to have the series out before the end of the year, hopefully sometime in the fall, but Finfrock is committed to airing episodes on a weekly basis, even if that means delaying the release until every episode is 100 percent.

Beyond season two, Wayside hasn’t really made any other Fallout plans. After wrapping on Nuka Break’s most recent season, the team plans to take a break from the fan film and do some of their own original content. When I asked Finfrock if this is a financial decision, he politely rebuked me:

Fallout has been so great for us and Wayside as a whole, where we now have a fanbase and are recognized as filmmakers, so when we start doing original content we already have a built-in fanbase who are looking to see what we can do besides Fallout. So yeah, we can’t earn profits from Fallout directly, but because of Fallout, we now have a chance to make something with our own original content.

Nuka Break Pt. 2 -- The Production Team Gets A Second Season

The future is bright

For Finfrock, Nuka Break was a labor of love, and money was never really the end game. He told me confidently, “the only thing I want from Bethesda is a nod that our stuff is canon. That’s it.” He’s also open to the idea of producing more Fallout videos at a later date, depending on the fan community. Always wanting more and not ready to give up on the Bethesda front, I asked Finfrock if he would be willing to produce content for Bethesda in an official capacity. He told me:

If they came to us and said, ‘hey we want you to do this for Fallout 4’ I would be more than likely be on board. But again it just depends on the project. It also depends on the creativity and freedom we have because one thing I love about doing Nuka Break is there is such a giant world and characters and universe that we can use.

As for what we might we from Wayside Creations following the last episode of Nuka Break, it’s all up in the air. I was told we can expect an announcement around the time the team is in post-production for season two. Whether they will maintain their current trend toward the geeky is yet to be seen. Some members of the team lean toward drama while others (like Finfrock) would love to keep the tone of their videos dorky and funny.

I for one would love to see Finfrock staying close to his roots—the nerdy ones. Indeed, when I called him up for our interview, he had forgotten the time amid a session of SWTOR. I explained that I completely understood and we discussed the game’s most recent patch for a few minutes. Listening to him talk about games for an hour made one thing clear: if you love video games, you should root for this guy to make more videos.

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Nuka Break Pt. 2 -- Second Season Emerges From The Vault


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