Game Theory To Create "Unbreakable" Passwords?


Posted July 19, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

HACKERS movieA team of US neuroscientists and cryptographers have created what might be the ultimate password system. Using gaming techniques and subconscious memory, the team proposes that it's possible to create passwords that people can use without actually knowing what they are. This would prevent anyone from coercing your password from you.

The easy way to explain how it works is through Guitar Hero. Imagine a semi-complicated GH song that has within it a 30-button "password" phrase. You practice your "song" a few times, learn the sequence subconsciously, then, when it comes time to log-in to your computer, you mimick a seemingly random series of button pushes, that contains, somewhere within it, your password.

You computer monitors which sequence of presses you perform best, and bam: Your computer unlocks. You've used muscle memory and your subconscious to get into your system. You never knew your password, and no one else could (theoretically) break into your computer. Not only would this avoid the problem of you having to remember your PW, it would also prevent anyone from ever beating it out of you. If interrogated by The Man, you could say legitimately that you do not know your password.

If you want to read an academic paper on the password system, have at it.

Personally, I don't need to use this system, because I've committed my password (SlayerRules69) to memory, and it is incredibly secure. I wouldn't want anyone monitoring my important conversations on the internet.

Source: Extreme Tech

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Game Theory To Create "Unbreakable" Passwords?


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