Your Silent Hill Nightmares Return In Theaters & Halloween Horror Nights From The Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Comic-Con 2012 Panel


Posted July 16, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

Your Silent Hill Nightmares Return In Theaters & Halloween Horror Nights In Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Comic-Con 2012 Panel

Inside the Silent Hill: Revelation 3D panel at Comic-Con 2012, it was clear that we won't be sleeping easy after this Halloween. Wait, I take that back. I probably won't like being alone in the dark after what I saw in Hall H, where attendees were given a first look at footage from the film.

The two scenes featured star Adelaide Clemens being chased in a creepy factory by an even creepier mannequin spider monster, as well as Kit Harington (Jon Snow!!) trying to escape a room of stabby nurses. You know what this means. Silent Hill is back!

Director Michael J. Bassett explained that they filmed Silent Hill: Revelation 3D with three goals in mind: as a movie sequel, an adaptation of the Silent Hill 3 game and as a standalone movie "in its own right." This way, fans of the movie and the game franchise--as well as newcomers--would be able to enjoy the story of Heather Mason (Clemens) who stumbles into a horrifying alternate reality in search of her father, Harry Mason (Sean Bean). And yes, it's like a mini Game of Thrones reunion between Ned Stark and Jon Snow!

Bassett also spoke about the reasoning behind this approach: "Game three was an obvious starting point. There's no fun in slavishly adapting a game, so it was a confluence of all these different ideas into something fresh with all the stuff you want to see and the mythology." But overall, the whole purpose of the movie was "to scare you very much." The movie is a "hard [rated] R with some really terrifying stuff in it." Uh-oh.

Adelaide Clemens was also drawn to the movie because not only was the journey of Heather Mason "petrifying," but her siblings were also fans of the video game. "I have two younger brothers who are gamers and when I told them I had a script for Silent Hill, they said it was the scariest thing." She also shared her scream with the audience, which she explained was how she began every take to get into character. Expect a compilation of her screams in the DVD and Blu-ray extras.

For those of you worried about another movie adaptation of Silent Hill, Bassett told us to fret not. He's a big fan of making the horror real with puppets and effects over CG, except for the mannequin spider we saw earlier: "It's the only monster we couldn't make on set...It was impossible to do and I really wanted it to move and scuttle, a confluence of human body parts." Overall, he stated, "I'm a fan first...what I'm trying to do is make it pure. The notion is that this has got to be a pure Silent Hill movie. The aesthetic is there, the monsters are there, the Easter eggs are there." 

If Silent Hill: Revelation 3D isn't enough for you, the panel also revealed that the SH universe would be making its way to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights both in Southern California and Orlando. The project is a joint collaboration between Konami and Universal Studios, and the horror park team described their excitement: "We've always dabbled in horror and we've done numerous different IPs in the past years, and now we get to do video games. We get our geek on with the video games, too, so it's a perfect storm." In other words, now you get to live the horror.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D opens in theaters on October 26, 2012 and the Silent Hill maze joins Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights this fall.

Your Silent Hill Nightmares Return In Theaters & Halloween Horror Nights From The Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Comic-Con 2012 Panel


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