Wreck-It Ralph Reveals Skrillex, Alan Tudyk, And Exclusive Footage At The Wreck-It Ralph Comic-Con 2012 Panel


Posted July 12, 2012 - By Moye Ishimoto

Wreck-It Ralph Game Coming From Activision And Disney Interactive

Wreck-It Ralph fans were treated to 10 minutes of exclusive footage from the new movie at Comic-Con's Hall H today, which featured a nice homage to classic video games, a glimpse at the various lands of the gaming world, and a look at the overall storyline.

Wreck-It Ralph is the villain of the iconic 1980's video game, Fix-It Felix Jr., who destroys buildings that Felix must fix up in order to save the residents of his skyscraper apartment building. But after 20 years of playing the bad guy, Ralph has,  "decided that maybe there's more to life than wrecking." Enter the usual existential mid-life crisis--and I mean usual, because everyone goes through this at least once in their life. Right?  And wouldn't that include video game villains? Moore spoke about how the animated film sets Ralph on a journey to "prove that he's more than just a bad guy in an old 8-bit video game."

Clips from the 10 minute preview featured a scene where Ralph confesses his frustration and loneliness to Bad-Anon (where other participants included Bowser, Zangief, Clyde and Dr. Robotnik), all of whom try to comfort him that being the bad guy is okay. Unfortunately, that's not enough for Wreck-It Ralph, who wants his hands on the same medal that Felix wins every time he wins a game. We also got to see the Grand Central station of the arcade, the virtual intersection of all the games where characters can travel from one to another (complete with a Customs official barring passengers from bringing fruit back home). But be careful! Once a character dies in another video game, they're gone forever! I'm pretty sure that will play a big role in Wreck-It Ralph.

We were also introduced to some of the other games, like Hero Duty, a "modern intense first person shooter," which looks like a combination of Call of Duty, Mass Effect and Gears of War. Sounds like the perfect game to me!

Wreck-It Ralph Reveals Skrillex, Alan Tudyk, And Exclusive Footage At The Wreck-It Ralph Comic-Con 2012 Panel

With moderator (and G4 alum) Chris Hardwick, stars John C. Rielly and Sarah Silverman joined director Rich Moore on stage to discuss how the movie came together. They announced how Skrillex would be composing the soundtrack for the Hero's Duty game (though the audience didn't seem too excited about that reveal), and the other actors voicing the cast, like Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, and Alan Tudyk from Firefly as King candy. Sarah Silverman described her vanellope Von Schweetz character, who's a glitch in her Candyland go-kart racing game and finds herself in the same boat as Ralph. Her favorite part about her character was how her biggest flaw becomes her biggest asset.

Moore and Rielly explained how getting the license to use such famous video game characters wasn't that difficult, especially after they worked hard to build relationships with gaming companies and "little by little, they said yes and wanted to be a part of the movie." Or, as Rielly put it, "Imagine you're the Frogger guy. You're not that popular anymore. Phone call comes in from Rich Moore about a multi-million dollar movie." The answer should be pretty clear.

So where's Mario? Rich Moore wouldn't mention the name, only that perhaps some mustached plumbers considered themselves a little too big for a Disney film. Oh well.

Based on the 10 minutes they revealed to fans, Wreck-It Ralph seems to be the perfect combination of your favorite video games, animation, humor and nostalgia. People were pretty hyped about this movie after E3 2012 and judging from what I saw in Hall H, we won't be disappointed.

Wreck-it Ralph
opens in theaters this November.

Wreck-It Ralph Reveals Skrillex, Alan Tudyk, And Exclusive Footage At The Wreck-It Ralph Comic-Con 2012 Panel


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