Kingdoms Of Amalur MMO Trailer Leaks


Posted July 9, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Rhode Island Governor On Kingdoms of Amalur:

Want to see a trailer for the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO? It's a essentially an early look at an MMO that you will never play. Apparently, this was planned as the launch trailer for the MMO, and judging by the obvious placeholder voice-over, this isn't even a finished trailer. A sad, but somehow fitting, end to the debacle that was 38 Studios.

It was sent to game blog Kotaku by an insider who felt that the effort of the people who spent four years developing Amalur deserves to be seen. Check it out, here.

Personally, I find the trailer bittersweet, not so much because the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO is something I really want to play, but because it's impossible to tell from what we've seen. The "Project Copernicus" fly-through video and screenshots that were revealed seem somehow pedestrian, and derivative of World of Warcraft, and this trailer does little to dispel that notion. But still, with the range and expertise of the people involved in Amalur, I'm sure there were some very interesting ideas on the table. Ideas that will almost certainly never see the light of day.

Kingdoms Of Amalur MMO Trailer Leaks