Characters That We Would Love To See In The Next Super Smash Bros.


Posted July 10, 2012 - By Dennis Scimeca

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A fourth Super Smash Bros. game was just announced, but it wasn’t until this month that lead developer Masahiro Sakurai told us the game was officially in the first stages of development. It’s time to start daydreaming about which characters we’d like to see added to the series.

Super Smash Bros. loves to draw from first-party characters before anything else, and we can still think of a few proper Nintendo stars we’d like to see in the lineup, but the well is beginning to run a little dry. We actually considered adding Starman from the old NES Pro Wrestling game to the list for a while.

Namco Bandai is co-developing the game. Other third-party studios have worked on Smash Bros. games before, but Namco Bandai has its own stable of recognizable characters, and we hope that by bringing them into the project Nintendo is signaling even more openness to third-party characters in Smash Bros. than ever before.

We’d therefore like to offer two lists of characters we would love to see in the next Smash Bros. game, beginning with the first-party characters.

X-Play: 'Punch-Out!!' Review

Little Mac from Punch-Out!!!

Little Mac made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an Assist Trophy, but has never been a playable character himself. Adding a championship boxer to the lineup in a fighting game is a no-brainer. A souped-up uppercut would make for a great Final Smash.

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles

Shulk is a relatively new character in the Nintendo pantheon, but Xenoblade Chronicles was a critical darling for the Wii. Considering the furor with which audiences in the United States waited for Xenoblade Chronicles to be localized for the North American market, chances are Shulk would be a welcome addition Stateside to the Smash Bros. lineup. The titular Xenoblade could also be a very cool prop for a unique Final Smash.

Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters

Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters

Samus could probably use some bounty hunter company from the Metroid franchise, and of the six Hunters that she faced off against in Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS, Sylux is one of the coolest. He has the biggest hate-on for Samus according to the Metroid story, which could make for some fun battles for franchise fans, and his awesome-looking gunship might play into a cool Final Smash.

(For the record, we’d have picked Ridley as a playable character we’d like to see in Smash Bros. but he’d have to be shrunk down in size to make sense in the head-to-head mode, and that’s no fun!)

Advance Wars

Max and Sturm from Advance Wars

If Ike, Marth and Roy from Fire Emblem were good enough for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and if Advance Wars infantry and tanks already made it into the game as Assist Trophy units, we figure some of the main characters from Advance Wars deserve to be playable in Smash Bros. as well.

Advance Wars has a huge cast of colorful COs to choose from, but Max from the Orange Star army and Sturm from the Black Hole army seem like the best choices. Max is built like a brawler, and Sturm just looks dangerous.

Okay, so there’s a list of Nintendo characters, but Snake and Sonic were some of the most exciting additions to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and we’d like to see them get a little more third-party company. This half of the list came together pretty quickly.

Mega Man 10

Mega Man from…well, a ton of Mega Man games

People were shocked when Mega Man wasn’t a character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune suggested back in 2008 that he saw no reason not to include Mega Man, and that we’d have to ask Nintendo why they didn’t.

Mega Man helped define the original Nintendo Entertainment System, so he absolutely deserves to be included. Perhaps Nintendo will finally make this fan wish come true with the next Smash Bros. game. And just think of all the other characters from the Mega Man series that could make for some excellent Assist Trophies!

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


If Namco had a spokesperson or a mascot it would be Pac-Man, and the internet is already campaigning for Pac-Man’s inclusion in the fourth Smash Bros. game. You can find wish-lists for his moves, fan mixes for his potential theme music, and there’s even a “Pacman for Super Smash Bros. 4” Facebook page. It would be a real missed opportunity if he didn’t make it into the game.



Rygar and his Diskarmor weapon made their first appearance in arcades in 1986, but the character was a huge hit on the NES. The arcade classic has also been released on the Wii Virtual Console. Rygar has a long history with Nintendo, and his Diskarmor could make for some really cool Smash Bros. moves. Masahiro Sakurai had said that he’s planning on doing his best to bring old characters back in Smash Bros., so Rygar doesn’t seem too outrageous a possibility.

A Brief History of Castlevania; Part One

Simon Belmont from Castlevania

The Castlevania franchise has clearly grown way beyond the boundaries of Nintendo’s consoles, but Simon Belmont’s first adventure on the NES is one of the most beloved Nintendo games of all time. The first 3D game in the Castlevania series took place on the Nintendo 64. The histories of Nintendo and Castlevania are inexorably intertwined, and what better way to celebrate that than by including Simon Belmont as a playable character in the next Smash Bros.?

There’s one other Nintendo character we’d like to see in the next Smash Bros. game. Remember the dog from Duck Hunt on the NES? He would fetch the ducks the player shot at the end of each round, and if the player missed the ducks entirely, the dog would pop up from the grass and laugh at the player. That dog became one of the most hated video game characters of the NES era as a result.

If there’s a single-player mode in the next Smash Bros. game, we think it would be a hoot if that dog were one of the Boss characters, so that players would finally get a chance to beat the ever-living crap out of that dog.

Characters That We Would Love To See In The Next Super Smash Bros.


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