Minecraft v1.3 Arrives On August 1

Posted July 6, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Minecraft v1.3 Arrives On August 1

After an extended wait, Mojang is finally making with the next update for Minecraft (PC version)... and it's a biiiiig one. Perhaps the biggest change occurs behind the scenes, with the single player portion of the game removed completely and living on instead as a "shell on top of multiplayer." The single player experience that you know and love is still around, it's just handled differently in the code.

The main reason for this is to accommodate the enhanced modding API, which will be coming in update v1.4. As anyone who has ever applied (or TRIED to apply) a Minecraft mod knows, it's not the most transparent or simple process. In truth, it's kind of a pain. The new modding API will improve that, making mod use a much more attractive prospect for the less tech-savvy PC players.

Also pushed to the v1.4 update is a fix for an ongoing lighting issue in the game that causes some parts of the environment, often underground or in shadow-heavy areas, to appear unlit and almost pitch black. Torches don't make the issue go away; it's a lighting quirk, and since lighting is an expensive proposition where your PC resources are concerned, coming up with a fix has apparently been a bit of a challenge.

Those are the big missing pieces that fans were expecting based on past reports, but there's plenty more that's new. Emeralds and emerald ore, a mechanic that allows you to trade items with villagers that you come across, tweaked rules for earning levels and enchanting items, the ability to fill books with writing, desert and jungle temples, and quite a bit more besides, including the usual assortment of bug fixes.

There's also now going to be a very early version of Adventure Mode included in the game, an option that locks things like building and setting fires so you can focus on the task of actually playing the GAME portion of Minecraft. The catch is that you'll only be able to turn it on using the in-game console commands.

The update's official release date is set for August 1, though anyone will be able to download a release candidate one week earlier. Mojang expects the RC to be "identical" to the final release; it's meant to give modders and server admins a head start on things, but there's nothing to stop a regular player from getting an early jump as well. You can find the full list of v1.3 changes right here.

Source: Mojang

Minecraft v1.3 Arrives On August 1


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