Google Glass Games Wish List


Posted July 5, 2012 - By Matt Swider

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Google Glass Games Wish List

Google Glass video games don’t exist just yet, but these futuristic glasses and similar head-mounted displays have us thinking about a potential games list. It turns out that there are more than a few of our favorite franchises that would look good in the cutting-edge specs that make our heads look anything but. We already found a bunch of ways that Google Glass could change video games thanks to its personalized viewing experience and sensors like accelerometers, a gyroscope, and compass.

Now let’s meet the first IP we’d want to see in a game-focused iteration of Google’s HMDs.

Battlefield 5

Battlefield for Google Glass was one of the first franchises we thought would work well as an augmented reality FPS game. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with EA’s Call of Duty-rival on the mind when we saw the Google Glass demo. “There is aCanal,” an Israeli pair of YouTube parody producers, went a step further by simulating what Battlefield would look like through the lens of Google Glass in this Battlefield 5 video.

The Google Glass wearer in this Battlefield 5 parody uses an abandoned warehouse lot to “load Battlefield,” arm himself to the teeth with invisible guns, and shoot imaginary enemy soldiers as if they were right there in front of him. After sneaking up on an enemy with a knife, the video is capped off with an airstrike in the distance.

The Battlefield 5 video is clever and well made, even if its gameplay mechanics remain as realistic as the enemy soldiers. But clearly, gamers armed with nothing more than video cameras and Final Cut are thinking, and hopefully developers are getting just as inspired.


Madden NFL ‘16

We’d estimate that Battlefield 5, given the current Battlefield-Medal of Honor rotation, would have a fall 2015 release date. So, if EA was to launch an HMD sports game that same year, Madden NFL '16 would be the obvious choice. It’s the company’s top-selling sports franchise in the U.S. and its former rival, 2K Sports, tinkered with an in-game helmet camera for years. EA would make a lot of diehard NFL 2K fans happy to include this highly requested feature.

As a quarterback, Google Glass and the helmet cam in Madden NFL ‘16 would put you right down on the field and in the pocket. From this vantage point, you’d be forced to move around to look for open receivers beyond your linemen or find an open lane and run toward it. It’d be a different experience, but not as game-changing as playing as a Google Glass-wearing wide receiver. Having to actually run a route and then turn your head to catch the ball would put take more than simple chance to catch a pass.



While EA is at it, we’d like to see the company and developer Maxis use HMD to create a Google Glass version of next year’s SimCity reboot. The technology could do a lot to help virtual architects plan a town from scratch if it were to include Minority Report-like gestures. This would enable micromanaging players to drop new pieces into this city-building simulation and do the bidding of their angry citizens more quickly. It would also make the SimCity Social interface look like child's play by comparison.

Elder Scrolls 6

Dawnguard isn’t even a week old yet, and we’re already thinking about Elder Scrolls 6. That’s because there’s a video floating around that shows a gamer purportedly using a Kinect, a pair of Sony HMZ-T1 VR goggles, and various other motion-tracking gizmos to roam around Skyrim without a controller. Whether or not this video is fake, it got us thinking about such possibilities for Elder Scrolls 6 in conjunction with futuristic head-mounted displays.

Elder Scrolls 6 is a likely candidate for the Xbox 720, PS4, and more advanced PCs than the ones we currently own. Since there was a five-year gap between Oblivion and Skyrim, the pattern would place the unannounced Elder Scrolls 6 release date somewhere in the realm of 2016. By that time, Google’s Project Glass might be able support Bethesda’s always-expanding RPG universe. Physically having to traverse through another Skyrim-like environment would do wonders for our cardio goals. We wouldn’t complain, however, if there was an optional controller involved from time to time.

Don’t think it’s likely? Another Bethesda-published game, id Software’s Doom 3 BFG Edition, is supporting head-mounted displays like this video’s Sony HMZ-T1 VR, and that game comes out this year. Who knows what 2016 will hold.


Split/Second 2

There are a lot of racing games that we’d like to see in action through a head-mounted display. Since Sony’s Gran Turismo series would be locked up for Sony-owned HMD devices, our next choice for a Google Glass games list would be Split/Second 2. The Disney-published original deserves a sequel (even though its developer has been disbanded), and we think its constant explosions would be the perfect eye candy for a Google Glass racer if combined with a steering wheel accessory of some sort.

A Googol Of Google Glass Game Possibilities

Project Glass has the potential to support AR Games just like the parodied Battlefield 5, more immersive gameplay experiences like a helmet cam-focused Madden NFL '16, and more physically involved journeys like Elder Scrolls 6. It’s up to developers to take the technology to the next level, and with enough support from Google, create the best new gaming platform to surprise people since the App Store.

Google Glass Games Wish List


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