Top 5 Teddy Bears in Video Games


Posted June 29, 2012 - By Brittany Vincent

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With Ted hitting the big screen, it’s time to take a look at our Top 5 Favorite Teddy Bears in Video games.

We're all conditioned to look at a teddy bear and be reminded of childhood innocence, happiness, security, and even bedtime. Of course, the teddy bears of the present in various forms of media defy those stereotypes in many ways.

Take Ted, for example: this foul little plush toy may seem like a perfectly innocent companion at a glance, but as the little boy who grew up with him, he's grown into quite the monster with a filthy mouth. But you probably still want to tune in for his antics because he's an adorable little bear, right? We don't blame you. The gaming world is rife with plenty of the same similarities and many of our favorite teddy characters aren't what they seem.

We've got a rundown of video game bears and their various idiosyncrasies. You probably wouldn't want to cuddle up in bed with most of them, though.

Persona 4

5. Teddie

Game: Persona 4

Though he's not the most conventional "bear" you'll find on our list, Teddie first appears to the Persona 4 protagonists as a peculiar little blue bear clad in a red and white jumpsuits. Full of embarrassing bear puns and comic relief, Teddie can always be counted on to want to run from shadows and danger when it arises...for a while, anyway. Did we mention he's also a huge flirt? It's not like any of the Investigation Team is actually interested, but he tries at least. Teddie has the rare opportunity to aid his friends in their investigation of the Midnight Channel in human form later on, but he's always going to be our favorite wisecracking blue bear, not flaxen-haired Casanova.

Naughty Bear

4. Naughty Bear

Game: Naughty Bear

This bizarre brawler wasn't exactly the cream of the crop, but it still managed to offer an interesting twist on the typical "cutesy" image of the teddy bear. Naughty Bear himself, after his friends decide to blow him off and not invite him to a party, goes on a murderous rampage to ensure the annihilation of all the bears on Perfection Island. All this happens because of a stupid birthday party. This is one teddy you don't want to mess with. He'll mess your face up, probably with an axe or something sharp he finds lying around. This bear is hardcore. The next time you turn someone away from your birthday party and then laugh at the gift they made you, remember what happened to Daddles. It wasn't pretty.


3. Kon

Game: Bleach series

Kon's not truly a teddy bear, but an artificial soul inhabiting a cuddly little teddy -- more like a lion, if you ask us, but who's keeping track? He may be a little perverted (Orihime's chest is where he prefers to nest if possible), but he's a valuable asset in many of the earliest stages of Bleach, as well as the series' most recognizable mascot. He's not much in a fight, but he's proven himself quite the intriguing character, having been instrumental in Ichigo's growth as a shinigami and as the series' reliable source of laughs.


2. Little Sister Gift Teddy Bears

Game: BioShock

Should you choose to rescue the darling Little Sisters of Rapture rather than harvest them for ADAM, you're rewarded with a special gift at the Gatherer's Garden. This varies from special Tonics, ammunition, Plasmids, and EVE Hypos. All of these gifts are delivered via Little Sister herself and a small pink teddy bear with a gift-wrapped box in its paws. It's a token of gratitude to Jack or Subject Delta for their benevolence and can be quite useful when it comes to turning the tides in combat. While these bears alone hold little significance, they're definitely a sight for sore eyes when ADAM sources are dwindling and you're in dire need of something to sack Big Daddies with.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

1. Tediz

Game: Conker's Bad Fur Day

What is it with evil little bears that make us love them so much? We love you, jaded, angry cuddle bears! Tediz are actually robotic bears, manufactured to take over the entirety of Conker's precious world, by any means necessary. And they're not just darling little plush toys: they are soldier Tediz, surgeon Tediz (complete with bloodstained medical garb), and submarine Tediz that all wreak havoc in very special ways. Also, we're pretty sure they're meant to parody Nazi soldiers. Hey, just look at them and tell us we're wrong. Evil teddy bears, man.

Are you checking out TED in theaters this weekend? While you're waiting for the movie to start, why not let us know what your favorite video game teddies are? Sound off below!

Top 5 Teddy Bears in Video Games


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