Lego Portal Set Needs Your Help To Exist


Posted June 28, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Lego Portal Set Needs Your Help To Exist

The above Lego set is, obviously, based on Portal. It is the greatest thing on earth...but there's one problem. It doesn't actually exist. Here's where you come in, reader. The Portal Lego set is featured on CuuSoo.com, which is a sort of Kickstarter for awesome Lego sets, but it needs support.

So here's what I (and Leah) want you to do: Go to its CuuSoo page, check out the pictures of potential Portal sets, and add your support. Spread it around on your Twitter feed and to your Faceook friends. If there's enough interest (like 10,000 supporters) it will get manufactured, and you'll be able to build it.

I really want this Lego set, and I really want you to do the right thing here, people.

Lego Portal Set Needs Your Help To Exist