Skyrim: Dawnguard Werewolf Perk Guide

Posted June 27, 2012 - By Dan Fasulo

Skyrim: Dawnguard Werewolf

While Skyrim's new expansion Dawnguard is all about vampires and those who hunt them, there is still a place in this conflict for werewolves. While you will be presented with the option to lose your Lycanthropy in favor of Vampirism during the questline, you can refuse and keep your Wolf Form

In terms of gameplay, not a whole lot has changed from plain old Skyrim. Guards and NPCs will still attack you while in beast form, and you still get the 1000 Gold bounty for transforming.

One thing I've noticed is that Beast Form tends to lose its effectiveness past a certain level. My current primary character is level 42, and fighting Draugr Deathlords or a number of high level Vampires doesn't seem to work too well. That's probably because of the Werewolves lack of armor. They still deal some good damage, and run really fast, but I recommend keeping your fights to bandits or similar enemies.

The abilities that you can access through the regular game all still work fine. Hircine's Ring still lets you transform twice, and the different Totems will still grant you different howl powers. But if you are around Aela the Huntress you will probably hear her mention how the "Moons have shifted." She won't elaborate on that at all, but that's why we're here.

Dawnguard adds a whole new skill tree for Werewolves, complete with eight different perks, with one having multiple levels, adding up to 11 total perks. This lets you upgrade your actual beast mode to make it an even stronger option.

The skill tree is only available while you're actually in beast form, since transforming changes your race to Werewolf. In order to gain a skill point, you need to feed on corpses of NPCs, not creatures or undead. And as you add skills, you need to eat more and more corpses. I hope you’re hungry.

Skyrim: Dawnguard Werewolf

Here’s a breakdown of all the wonderful new perks you acquire for the werewolf.

Bestial Strength: Four total levels, each one upgrading the damage you do as a werewolf by 25%. Max this perk out and you'll do double damage with your attacks. You will need at least one point in this skill to get any further skill as well.

Totem of Ice Brothers: Taking this perk makes your Totem of Brotherhood howl call Ice Wolves instead of regular wolves. At lower levels, this is a nice addition.

Totem of the Moon: This is just the next level of the previous skill, where instead of Wolves, your Totem of Brotherhood summons Werewolves. This makes this Totem's howl more useful as you reach higher levels.

Totem of the Predator: This skill upgrades the Totem of the Hunt, extending the range, plus what state the targets are in - combat, searching, or not in combat.

Totem of Terror: Like the previous perks, this skill upgrades one of your howls. This time it's the Howl of Terror, letting it affect higher-level creatures. Again, this makes the Werewolves abilities more useful as you level up to the higher levels.

Animal Vigor: It's a straight-up, instant 100 point bonus to health and stamina while you're transformed. In other games, 100 isn't much, but in Skyrim, especially without armor, that 100 could keep you alive.

Gorging: When you feed on corpses to heal, this will allow you to regain twice as much health. Every little bit helps where you’re trying to stay alive.

Savage Feeding: This skill lets you feed off of most dead creatures, not just people. The only real downside is that when you feed off of a creature, you only get half the extended time added to your Wolf Form.

Whether you choose to become a Werewolf just now with Dawnguard, or you've been one since Day One, the new DLC adds in a whole new way to enjoy the more feral side of Skyrim.

(Perk Tree Image supplied by Elder Scrolls Wiki)

Skyrim: Dawnguard Werewolf Perk Guide


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