AbleGamers Foundation: Tech Junkie Edition


Posted June 29, 2012 - By Rob Manuel


Today, we’re looking at two pieces of technology that help to bridge the gap between the disabled community and those of their fellow gamers, the XIM Edge and Adroit Switchblade.

We live in an amazing age of development in gaming, where worlds come to life at our very fingertips. While some may struggle to reach into our virtual realms, gaming accessories have made it easier for those with certain disadvantages to enjoy the games that we often take for granted. As we’ve seen already this week, developers struggle to meet the needs of every gamer wanting to play their game, but accessories help to bridge this divide by meeting the needs of the individual.

With help from Steven Spohn Editor-in-Chief at AbleGamers, here are the products that you need to know about if you know someone in your life that use a helping hand getting into gaming.

Adroit Switchblade

Adroit Switchblade

As mentioned in previous articles, the Adroit Switchblade comes from the collaboration between AbleGamers Foundation and Evil Controllers, and was first unveiled during the Gamers Doing Good panel at PAX 2011. What looks like a mass of switches for most is surely a lifesaver to others in need of a controller that won’t break the bank.

With a wide variety of programmable ports, the Adroit Switchblade adjusts to the needs of the user, not the other way around. Even small movements can register as button presses or more given the profile changer that allows the user to switch the button configuration with very little effort. Switches that signal for action buttons change to shoulder buttons or for a different configuration with a simple movement. Adaptation is the key component that makes Adroit one of the top controllers in its class.

As Steven Spohn explains, “…the Adroit Switchblade is a dream come true for many disabled gamers with some of the greatest versatility on the market today. Evil Controllers and the AbleGamers Foundation worked tirelessly to put together a controller that will make gaming easier for those with disabilities.”

Working with the Xbox 360 and coming in at just under $400, Adroits meets and surpasses the demands of its audience time and time again. If you know someone who could use a little help getting into gaming, then I highly recommend that you look into picking up an Androit today.

You can read the full review for the Adroit Switchblade on the AbleGamers Site.

AbleGamers Foundation

XIM Edge

Ever since the birth of consoles, it’s been the dire wish of every PC gamer who ever tried to switch over – why can’t I just use a mouse?

For most gamers, the mouse gives them more precision while targeting or moving around the open environment. For others, however, when your range of mobility may extend no more than a couple of inches, you want to make sure that every one of them counts while playing a FPS or the newest platformer. The mouse allows for slight movements to magnify themselves in the virtual world. Add on the fact that you can find mice with multiple buttons, and you have most of a controller in the palm of your hand.

XIM Edge lets you use your favorite mouse with just about any game by translating the movement and button presses into the right thumb-stick. The device connects directly into your Xbox 360 or PS3 with real-time feedback that lets you program the different inputs into the system. There’s not need for a laptop to change settings, just plug in the devices you want and off you go.

Steve and the good gents over at AbleGamers got a little more hands-on time with the XIM Edge.

“We have had XIM in the AbleGamers’ testing lab for a few weeks and have so far found comfort on screen keyboard works relatively well. In addition, most USB devices we could find work flawlessly with XIM and we see no reason any USB device shouldn’t work. Unfortunately, devices such as switches that are 3.5mm don't have any way to directly put into XIM, but that's where Adroit or X-Keys comes into play.”

XIM Edge brings together some of the devices you already have available and lets you use them easily with any console device. This may just be the Rosetta Stone for all your hardware needs.

AbleGamers Foundation: Tech Junkie Edition


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