Dishonored Preview from E3 2012: Stealthy Steampunk


Posted June 11, 2012 - By Taylor Stein


Dishonored Screens Show Off A Deadly World
Dishonored beautifully combines the tactful art of stealth with a healthy serving of sword-slashing, and psychic abilities that allows players to approach each level from multiple angles. Go guns-a-blazing or silent and cautious, the choice is yours. From our E3 2012 preview:
"Combat shows plenty of promise, though I suspect that most players will opt for Corvo's stealthier abilities. The default blade is good for trading blows, but other tools like the one-handed crossbow (with regular, sleep, and explosive bolt options) or the spring razor trap feel like something of a necessity for evening the odds when facing off against a group."
To delve deeper into Dishonored, check out our full Dishonored hands-on preview.


Dishonored Preview from E3 2012: Stealthy Steampunk


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