Nerdsourcing: CLANG - Neal Stephenson Gets Into Virtual Swordfighting


Posted June 11, 2012 - By Rob Manuel


Kickstarter Goal: $500,000

Neal Stephenson, awards-winning author behind such titles as Snow Crash and Anathem, wants to develop a game that gives players a chance to learn how to fight with a sword. If that didn’t just blow your little mind, you might want to check to see if you still have a pulse.

CLANG sets out to give players a real taste of sword fighting through the use of a motion controller and the application of real-world sword fighting techniques. Don’t expect to swing around wildly to dispatch your opponent. Neal and the gang at Subutai Corporation want to create a real experience by using real attacks delivered through different stances, grappling, parries, and everything else that makes you look like a badass on the field rather than a button-masher on the couch.

With the books covering the story behind the game, The Mongoliad, already rolling out; it looks as though the team is rather serious about making a “Guitar Hero with swords.” CLANG looks to redefine how we approach sword combat through real world tactics and a whole lot of swinging.

What you get for 25 bucks?

You get the game when it’s finished and a “thank you” in the credits. But seriously, drop the $10,000 to get your very own longsword. You also get a studio tour and lunch with the team, but you’ll have to peace-bond all your weapons.

If you have any other questions, you can check out the longer trailer for CLANG below.

Nerdsourcing: CLANG - Neal Stephenson Gets Into Virtual Swordfighting


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