Dust 514 Preview from E3 2012: To Live And Die In Deep Space


Posted June 7, 2012 - By Dana Leahy

Dust 514

Dust 514 is an MMOFPS set in the Eve Online universe. Set for release exclusively on the PlayStation 3 this fall, Dust 514 is looking pretty cool so far, but really, you'll have to educate yourself and make a final decision. In order to help you form an opinion, we went hands on with the game at E3 2012.

From our Dust 514 Preview

"The demo started in the Merc Quarters, which is basically the area where you'll set up your Mercenary’s fittings and learn new skills. Fittings are kind of like loadouts, and similar to ship hulls in Eve Online. They're player built and customizable based on your playstyle. Skill training in Dust 514 is also similar to Eve's, a passive process that takes real-world time.

The Merc Quarters are also linked to the Marketplace, an area where you can buy weapons, boosts, gear, vehicles, turrets, and more, for both real-world money currency, Aurum, and in-game currency, Isk. You won't have to worry about people buying power in Dust either, as the Aurum items aren't any better than the items you'd get with Isk, they just have different stats."

Read the rest of our hands-on Dust 514 Preview!

Dust 514 Preview from E3 2012: To Live And Die In Deep Space


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