DMC Hands-On Preview From E3 2012: Dancing With Demons In The Club


Posted June 7, 2012 - By Leah Jackson


In our DMC E3 2012 preview we take a look at the reimagining of the Devil May Cry franchise and its excellent combat. Core elements like Devil Trigger mode are back, but there are two new additions: Heaven and Hell movesets. Here's a snippet from our preview, where we break everything down.

"The default Angel weapon is known as the Osiris, a scythe, useful for crowd control and wide, sweeping attacks. The arbiter, the default Hell weapon, is a powerful yet lumbering axe, useful for breaking defenses and landing powerful hits. And, of course, the familiar Rebellion sword remains versatile and common, always on-hand. New Heaven and Hell weapons will be unlocked throughout the game (and can be Quick Swapped using the D-Pad), though none were shown in the demo. Existing weapons will also be able to be upgraded, in traditional fashion."

For more DMC, including a hands-on breakdown of the demonic nightclub level, read our full DMC preview from E3 2012.

DMC Hands-On Preview From E3 2012: Dancing With Demons In The Club