Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 2012 Multiplayer Preview -- Game On Man!


Posted June 6, 2012 - By Jake Gaskill

Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 2012 Preview -- Game On, Man!

For our latest hands-on look at Gearbox Software’s spooky shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines, straight from the E3 2012 showfloor, Adam “Xeno Hater” Rosenberg gets in some quality hands-on time with the game’s frantic multiplayer mode on a newly revealed map, Origin. For anyone still bummed about  Colonial Marines being delayed, let Adam’s soothing prose ease your worrying:

"It's also worth noting that Colonial Marines seems to have come a long way since its first public hands-on demonstration in March. Visually, the lighting seems all that much sharper. A map like Origin highlights it well too, with lots of spotlights casting long shadows in different directions. The controls also just feel tighter and more responsive. Gearbox undoubtedly made the right choice in pushing the release back to February 12, 2013, but things certainly seem to be coming along nicely."

Check out Adam's full Aliens: Colonial Marines hands-on preview for even more reasons why the game should definitely still be on your motion trackers.

Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 2012 Multiplayer Preview -- Game On Man!


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