Baller Beats Release Date Announced


Posted June 5, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

NBA Baller Beats song list has been announced, as has the release date. You'll be able to play Baller Beats on your Kinect-powered 360 on September 11, 2012.

The game is the first ever full body motion-based NBA video game will let you control the game with an actual basketball. I predict an unprecedented number of lamps will be broken in living rooms across the nation. Check it out in action, sans broken lighting.

NBA Baller Beats Debut Trailer »


NBA Baller Beats challenges players using a real basketball to master ball-handling skills by dribbling and performing moves to the beats of an eclectic soundtrack.  The Kinect motion sensor captures the movements of both player and ball to create an entirely a new kind of basketball gaming experience.  You'll try to master crossovers, pump fakes, behind-the-back, around-the-world and more as you bounce the ball to the beat of 30 licensed tracks that span across decades and genres including hip-hop, rock and old school classics.  The song list is under the "Read More" tag.

 “Amazing” – Kanye West*

 “Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen*

“Bangarang” – Skrillex

“Blue Sky” – Common*

“Bust A Move” – Young MC

“Chillin” – Wale ft. Lady Gaga

“C’Mon Catch ‘Em By Surprise” – Tiesto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes*

“It’s Tricky” – Run DMC*

“Let It (Edit Remix)” – Machine Drum ft. Melo X

“New Fang” – Them Crooked Vultures*

“Obstacle 1” - Interpol

“Party Rock Anthem” – LMFAO*

 “Slam” – Onyx*

“Stylo” – Gorillaz*

“Tightrope” – Janelle Monae*

Baller Beats Release Date Announced