Official Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer E3 2012


Posted June 4, 2012 - By Matt Swider

The Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer from E3 2012 shows that the force is still strong with this one. So, despite the fact that this MMORPG is six months old and was last year's big Bioware game, there's more to explore thanks to future content updates. Previous updates, SWTOR Game Update 1.1 and Game Update 1.2, added things like the Legacy System, new warzones and additional operations.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.3 and beyond will continue that trend, as this SWTOR E3 2012 trailer demos.  You'll see a new space mission called Space Station Assault, a new operation dubbed Terror From Beyond and a new warzone named Ancient Hypergates. Joining you on these never-ending adventures is a new companion, the HK-51 Assassin Droid. A continually expanding level and set of combo abilities are also demoed in this SWTOR trailer for E3 2012.

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Official Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer E3 2012


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