New Enemies and Weapons in Halo 4 Revealed - Official E3 2012 News


Posted June 4, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Halo 4

At the start of the Microsoft Press Conference 2012, we finally get a taste of some of the new light weapons and our first hint at what's in store for us when we face an ancient threat, the Forerunners in Halo 4.

With the ship filled with survivors crashing into the jungle wasteland, Master Chief makes his way through the alien world to face an old threat, the Covenant. After dispatching a few grunts, the last unit of the band gets dematerialized into a puff of orange light. Like the lights scanning the ship and the orb coming from out of nowhere, these orange lights mean danger in the new Halo. As Cortana points out, these new enemies are non-organic and work together as a single unit, helping each other while cordinating attacks. These are the Forerunners of old; the makers of the Halo Array, the ark, and the new threat on the planet.

Our first taste of their abilities comes from a group of smaller dog-like creatures swarming and moving around our hero as a group. They're able to climb and make a pretty orange splatter when they explode.

The larger Forerunner, the one probably pulling the trigger from before, resembles more like a person. They weild weaponry, go invisible, and can get in your face very quickly. One of the units launches a hover bot that provides shielding and catches grenades for his master. He's smart, quick, and deadly; but not invincible as we find out with a couple of well placed shots. It's only then when he surrenders the new tech we can use against the opposing forces.

The new weapons transform as soon you touch them. Rifles blast off orange shots while shotsguns splatter the new alien forces as soon as they hit. We'll give you more information as soon as it comes out about the Forerunners, weapons, and how this all ties into Halo 4 as soon as we find new info.

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New Enemies and Weapons in Halo 4 Revealed - Official E3 2012 News


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