11 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer


Posted June 2, 2012 - By Jake Gaskill

As anyone our office will tell you, I'm about as excited for Dishonored as any game this generation. So you can imagine my girlish glee when the first Dishonored gameplay trailer landed on the internets this week. If you've seen the trailer, then it should be no surprise to you that it made me quite happy; so happy in fact that before I knew it I was breaking it down frame by frame to soak up every little detail I could, which, as you can see, resulted in the following list of 11 things that I learned from this supremely atmospheric and plasma-soaked trailer.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

1. I Want to Go to There -- Arkane Studios clearly understands the crucial importance of creating a game world that players desperately want to inhabit and will continue to think about inhabiting even after they turn off their consoles. The world of Dishonored is about as haunting and enthralling as any seen in recent memory, and next to Assassin’s Creed 3, there isn’t a game world I’m more excited to lose myself in than Dishonored’s, plague and all.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

2. Little Sis...I Mean...Small...Girl...Helper... -- It’s unclear who this darling girl is or what role she’ll play in our bloody, supernatural journey for revenge, but she definitely seem to be sympathetic, helpful character. She appears a couple times throughout the trailer--offering a helping hand, frolicking, and reading quietly in her room--but most telling is a scene in which she is shown with a woman who I assume is the Empress, suggesting that this girl is the Empress' daughter. It also suggests that it will be up to you to protect this girl at various points in the story. Speaking of the Empress...

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

3. (Bloody) Call to Action -- The central motivating factor for Dishonored’s hero, Corvo, comes by way of the murder of the Empress at the hands of the Lord Regent and Corvo being framed for it. We get to see a flash of the murder in the trailer, but even more painful is the fact that, like I said above, we see a brief glimpse of the Empress with her supposed daughter before the Empress gets struck down. It's unclear what the relationships are between these characters, but obviously they're serious enough to inspire the horrendously violent acts teased in the trailer.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

4. The 6:15 to Body Dumpsville -- It’s no surprise that the city of Dunwall is filled to the brim with disease and horrors aplenty, but a train that’s sole purpose seems to be transferring dead bodies to designated dump points is a level of disturbing that just…I mean…ick. I wonder if there’s a power that lets me apply plastic bags on my feet.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

5. He Never Would Have Made It Past the Rats -- One of the most talked about features in Dishonored is the ability to not only control rats but turn into them as well. Sometimes you’ll need to transform into a plague-ridden rodent to access areas that you wouldn’t other be able to reach in human form. Other times, you’ll want to go ahead and reduce a guard into a bloody pile of hair and bones. The choice is yours!

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

6. Down Boy! -- If you thought you’d just be skewering unsuspecting guards in bizarre masks in Dishonored, think again. As this particularly mouthy pooch demonstrates, your trusty blade will be protecting you against all manner of feral creatures as well. I know you can command a pack of rats, but being able to release the hounds on unsuspecting guards would be insanely cool, no?

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

7. Supernatural Catch -- The BioShock influence pops up yet again in this scene where we see a demonstration of the game’s telekinesis ability. In this case, we see our hero snatching a projectile explosive out of the air and flinging it back at yonder Tall Boy. Considering how integral swords are in Dishonored’s combat, I’m hoping that tossing blades into skulls with a flick of the wrist is on the menu as well.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

8. Shocky Shocky! -- Steering clear of these electric security gates should prove to be a valuable skill while traversing the gothic streets of Dunwall. Sadly, this poor fool didn’t get the memo. This scene also shows off something else perhaps even more badass: dual wielding. This isn't the time we've seen this, but the crossbow/knife combo is just such a nasty one that I had to highlight it again, and the thought of picking off one guard while perched on a ledge and then pouncing on another and driving my blade into his neck has me giddy as a gopher...carrying a crossbow and a badass knife.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

9. Pallet Cleansers -- As we’ve seen, Dunwall is a gloomy, moody place, but it appears that you won’t be stalking around cobblestone streets and back alleys solely by moonlight and amid shadows. Since Dishonored isn’t a completely open-world, there obviously isn’t a day/night cycle, so these day-time sections will instead be used to break up the rest of the game’s overwhelmingly dark and stormy settings. And from the looks of it, this is totally fine by me.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

10. Talk About Driving the Point Home -- It’s no surprise that the knife-based takedowns in Dishonored are shaping up to be joyously disturbing in their attention to detail and variety, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it on the level seen in the above shot. In case you can’t tell, that blade is halfway into that dude’s head. I mean, if Corvo twisted his wrist, he could pop that suckers face off like shucking an oyster. And the fact that he puts his hand over the guy’s mouth to hush his dying cries is just genius.

12 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

11. Slick Blade -- There are two super compelling things going on in this scene. The first is that it appears to take place in a Eyes Wide Shut-ish setting (minus the massive/disturbing orgy), complete with ornate decorations, ornately carved dark wood, and super creepy masks. The second is the switch blade that Corvo assembles by simply tossing it lightly into the air. Judging from the tip, it looks like this is the same weapon used throughout the rest of the trailer, so it’s most likely your primary, and honestly, why wouldn’t it be, given how damn cool it is to arm?

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11 Things We Learned From the Dishonored Gameplay Trailer


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