Nintendo Press Conference 2012 Predictions - Are You Ready For Wii U?


Posted June 1, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Wii U Hands-On Impressions -- Battle Mii and Zelda HD

If you don't already know what to expect at the Nintendo Press Conference 2012, then I just have two words for you - Wii U. The new system that still has people scratching their heads will get its chance in the spotlight yet again. Along with the new system, Nintendo will surely talk about new games, something for the 3DS, and someone may actually remember that we still have a Wii.

I've gathered yet again the top minds behind games at G4 to find out what to expect at the Nintendo Press Conference.

Matt Keil

The big Wii U push: price (over $250 is suicide), release date, launch titles, the whole deal. I expect Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii U as launch titles from Nintendo. I really hope the rumors of the insane Metroid/Star Fox crossover game by Retro are real. Nintendo will attempt to prove for the third generation in a row that they have strong third-party support, which will consist of current-gen multiplatform games with a Wii U screen controller gimmick added in. The 3DS section of the conference will focus on apps and online features nobody wants, because Nintendo is still trying to compete with Apple instead of making a successor to the DS and its exceptional game library.

Becky Jutzi

The Wii U is Nintendo's only hope, Obi Wan Kenobi. They will hopefully display some games that mainstream and hardcore gamers alike will enjoy, much to the disdain of their mothers. I really hope this is the year that Nintendo grows up and allows some more mature games into their library. Maybe a Halo-clone? They will announce their dedication to churning out 3D versions of all the NES, Gameboy, and GBA games that we have already bought more than once.

Leah Jackson

This year, we'll finally get an understanding of what the Wii U is capable of and hopefully Nintendo will also announce a new title for the system itself. We'll see some of the games coming to the system, and possibly even a teaser of the Zelda or Mario game that will hopefully debut with the system. We'll also get to hear about how amazing the Nintendo 3DS is selling, how it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and why it's a much better handheld than its competitor.

Nikole Zivalich

This is a tough one because I want Nintendo to blow me away, but I don't think they will. I have a bad feeling the Wii U will have nothing to convince me I need to own it as long as I own a Wii.

If I stop being a negative Nancy, then - OMG the Wii U is going to be awesome. They are going to announce an HD Zelda: Ocarina of Time and a BRAND NEW ZELDA! 4 MORE YEARS!

Stephen Johnson

Nintendo's press conference will consist solely of Miyamoto saying "The Wii-U is really cool you guys!" in a sing-song voice again and while dancing under a giant mushroom. This is a wish and a blessing.

Also: There will be a lot of games designed for kids, so hardcore gamers will complain about all the kiddy titles and wish Nintendo would go back to making games that were good. They will fail to realize that what they really want is to return to an earlier time in their lives, before all the pain.

Jake Gaskill

Because this year is the Wii U's big coming out party, expect to see plenty of compilation-type games in the vein of Wii Sports and Wii Play. Also, I can't wait for the painfully awkward demo of the new Mario Kart and/or Star Fox game that I'm also guessing will be announced.

Rob Manuel

Miyamoto's downloadable dream team. Nintendo wouldn't just allow one of their biggest stars to say that he's looking into working with smaller teams if they didn't already have something set up for him to work on. Forget launching Wii U with Mario or Zelda. Give me a dozen titles from the man who made my childhood that I can download to the new system or the 3DS.

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Nintendo Press Conference 2012 Predictions - Are You Ready For Wii U?


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