Dead Space 3 Hints May Pop Up In Graphic Novel Trailer

Posted May 30, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Dead Space 3 has yet to be officially confirmed, but a new trailer from EA for a Dead Space graphic novel offers up story points that fall in line with what previous rumors have suggested about the series' third game. The DeadSpace.com trailer is set on the frozen world of Uxor, with Earthgov Sergeant John Carver watching in horror as a colony there is decimated and Necromorphs rise up around a newly exposed Marker.

This doesn't match up perfectly with what we've previously heard about Dead Space 3, but it's not so far off either. Both of the reports that emerged in fall 2011 pointed to an ice planet as the main setting for the next game, though the rumor pegged the planet's name as Tau Volantis and not Uxor. Isaac Clarke is said to be back as the protagonist in the third Dead Space, sent to the ice planet on a mission to rescue a missing woman and return her to Mars.

The rest of this post could potentially qualify as spoiler territory, assuming the previous rumors are true that is, so continue at your own risk.

Isaac's rescue mission apparently comes about because he's a wanted man. He's sent with a new character named Ellie on the rescue op as an alternative to having his day in court. An earlier rumor about the game made no mention of Isaac's outlaw status, though it too mentioned the setting as the ice planet Tau Volantis as well as Ellie, as long with another new character named Jennifer.

It's hard to say how strong a connection there is between this new trailer and the earlier Dead Space 3 rumors. Obviously they both refer to different ice planets, though it's certainly possible that the Tau Volantis name has changed since the first story points slipped out last fall. Regardless, the timing of this new trailer release and its proximity to E3 2012 can't be a coincidence; you can almost certainly expect to hear more about Dead Space 3 in the next few weeks.

Dead Space 3 Hints May Pop Up In Graphic Novel Trailer


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