Donkey Kong Record Shattered


Posted May 29, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Donkey Kong

Hank Chien is the best damn Donkey Kong player in the history of the planet Earth. The New York plastic surgeon recently scored 1,110,100 points on the archaic arcade machine, and thus became the envy of old school game fans the world over. Chien didn't even reach the final "kill screen" of the game in his historic performance.

"This was not a killscreen game," Chien told the Examiner. "I died two screens shy of the killscreen so my score would have been a little higher, perhaps 1.12 million points. I had a spare man going into Level 21 and was mentally preparing to sacrifice it on the last barrel board and my game was over a few minutes later. That's how Donkey Kong rolls sometimes."

Chien beat his own record, so there's not even any hurt feelings from another lover of extreme DK scoring.

Unlike some Kongers, Chien is a humble champion, attributing his win partially to the rarity of original Donkey Kong game machines. "I know currently there are several players who are capable of beating that score," he said.  "If there was still a Donkey Kong in every pizza parlor I'm sure I wouldn't have the record."

Because the quest for perfection knows no boundaries, Chien has already begun working on beating the world record for Centipede.

Because it is tangentially related, please watch the video below, "Kart Driver." It was part of G4's Epictober film festival, and I played Mario's hands in one cutaway shot. (Claim to fame!)

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Donkey Kong Record Shattered