Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack DLC Confirmed And Coming Soon

Posted May 25, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack DLC Confirmed And Coming Soon

The very likely-looking rumor that BioWare would in the near future be releasing a Rebellion DLC Pack for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode has turned out to be true, a new BioWare Blog post confirms. The content pack will be released on May 29, 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms as a free download for anyone who has the game's Online Pass.

Of course, you'll need to actually unlock much of the new content by earning enough credits in multiplayer to buy booster packs, which you also have the option of spending real dollars (or MS Points) on. That said, Rebellion brings quite a bit more in the way of "out of the box" playable content into Mass Effect 3 than its predecessor, the Resurgence DLC Pack, did.

Right out of the gate, players will be able to mess around with two new maps: Firebase Jade, set in a facility overlooking an ancient Salarian waterfall, and Firebase Goddess, a circular map deep inside a city on the Asari homeworld of Thessia. There's also a new in-mission objective that requires squads to ferry a high priority package to an extraction point.

On the booster pack side, players can look forward to a variety of new unlockables. There are six new classes in all, spread out over three spacefaring races: the Soldier and Sentinel now come in Vorcha flavors, Engineers and Infiltrators have new Quarian variants, and Vanguard and Adept classes will add ex-Cerberus soldiers (referred to in the original leak as "Phoenix") to their ranks.

The pack also adds three new weapons to Galaxy at War: the Cerberus Harrier Assault Rifle, the Reegar Carbine Shotgun, and the Krysae Sniper Rifle. Lastly, players will also now be able to stock up on a new type of non-consumable equipment that can be fitted into a newly added gear slot. These items will offer "character enhancements" that sound an awful lot like swappable persistent perks.

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack DLC Confirmed And Coming Soon


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