Top 5 Aliens Races That Want To Kill Us


Posted May 25, 2012 - By Brittany Vincent

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In honor of Men in Black III's theatrical release this Friday, we've got the top five alien races who want to kill us. It seems as though the human race (and Earth itself) is constantly under assault by malevolent alien races – at least, if movies and video games are to be believed. We'll admit to having done some particularly heinous things as a race, but just once it seems we should get a break from all these aliens looking to put us in the ground! At least we can look for the aid of organizations like the Men in Black when it comes to these very sticky situations...in the movies, anyway.

Get ready to paint some targets on these suckers for total annihilation.

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5. The Covenant

Throughout the Halo trilogy (soon to include Halo 4) there's a veritable menagerie of alien goons out to clear us out – with ulterior motives, of course. All because they've deemed the whole of humanity offensive to their gods. The Covenant isn't an alien race itself, but a militaristic alliance of several species all united under a religious pretense – the Forerunner “ringworlds,” Halos as we know them, will supposedly lead them all to salvation. But humanity's completely in the way. The Covenant consists of several races: Elites (Sangheili), Jackals (Kig-Yar), Grunts (Unggoy) and others, all of whom aren't above slicing through Marines with energy swords, or slapping a grenade on your person for a messy finish. Oh, and they've got guns. The Covenant as a collective is dangerous, so we should thank our lucky stars Chief and the rest of the crew are on our side. And we didn't even mention the Flood!

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4. Aliens (Xenomorphs)

H.R. Giger's horrifying creations have been terrorizing moviegoers and gamers alike for years, and things are about to get a little more real with the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. But why are they so chilling? Besides the fact that, you know, they have absolutely no goals other than continuing their biological line at any cost, including the lives of human beings? You know, a lot. Their blood is little more than acid. They violently implant their seed into the bodies of their victims and wait for the offspring to burst forth from their chests, effectively exterminating the host, with the chestbursters moving on to grow up and complete the cycle. Not only are these aliens difficult to kill, as you need to watch for their blood eating through either you or the hull of your spaceship and equipment, but they could possibly impregnate you via facehugger. And you don't hear those coming, usually. All this simply to propagate their species.

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3. Locust

Though not typically “aliens” per se, the subterranean reptilian race found with Sera of Gears of War has one main goal: to exterminate the entire human race, and then live on the surface of Sera. And no means of annihilation is too extreme: they'll send kamikaze tickers, snipers, enormous beasts such as Berserkers, and any member of the Horde hierarchy to clear out densely populated areas of men, women, and children. Grinders, Corpsers, and more relentlessly pursue humans for this very purpose. And trust us, you don't want to have to go up against a Brumak. The Locust Horde is chock full of no-nonsense warriors who, like the rest of the alien races on our list, would love to have humanity's heads on several billion platters.

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2. Chimera

The Resistance series revolves around humanity's dalliances with the malevolent Chimera, hailing from an unknown star system – believed to be the “original” inhabitants of Earth. The Chimera are content to eradicate all of humanity so they can encroach on Earth, making it their own. How do they do this? By infecting unsuspecting humans with a mutagenic virus. Victims will lapse into a coma and begin a slow, painful transition into a Chimera by way of cocoon. Throughout Resistance it quickly becomes clear they have no regard for human feelings or suffering – they simply pick numerous victims up at once and take them all to conversion centers, where humans are converted into far more “useful” states. Fair? Not really? Effective? You bet. You've played Resistance: Fall of Man, right? So you know how things end up.


1. Zerg

The Zerg operate as one, as a hivemind, and seek to assimilate other races into their own. Much like the aforementioned Reapers, their goals are simply to gather other races for the Zerg swarm and create a master race as the result of an amalgam of the races assimilated before. Swift, strong, and ruthless, the Zerg don't rely on their own technology or traits to advance, only new “units” to be introduced into their ranks and controlled by the Overmind. If you've any doubt what they're capable of, simply observe the happenings of StarCraft and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. And then tell us they're not a danger to our race.

While we're running for cover and wrapping our heads with tinfoil so as to confuse any potential attackers, you should let us know: which alien races are you most terrified of?

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Top 5 Aliens Races That Want To Kill Us


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