Tech Junkies: Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S. Edition Review


Posted May 24, 2012 - By Ernesto Moreno

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Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken Versus FightStick Review »

Street Fighter X Tekken is Capcom's and Namco's newest cross over brawler and that means you're going to need a new fighstick to match. Mad Catz has revealed its newest edition to its arcade stick family: The Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S. edition. Is this stick worth the money or should you stick to one of your old Mad Catz sticks?

Let's take a look.

First lets get some of the basic stuff out of the way. The stick comes equipped with high quality Sanwa parts that are light and feel incredibly responsive. Anyone who knows anything about sticks knows that Sanwa is the way to go for both buttons and joysticks. The eight-button layout is set in the classic Japanese style to mimic the arcade feel, six buttons are used in most games like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Street Fighter X Tekken for the default actions like kick and punch, and the other two buttons are usually set to all kick and all punches.

While testing out the stick, I noticed the expanded surface with more room on the left side and as any fighter will notice during long sessions of any fighting game, having an ample place to rest your wrist is a must. The stick itself has a very good weight to it, for people playing with the sticks on their lap or on a table you wont have to worry about stability. It has a huge metal base that gives the stick a very noticeable heft, which is good for steady play. It's got a 13-foot long no lag controller cable and a nice little storage compartment which is a standard on most Mad Catz sticks. It also has an adapter for your Xbox live head set, so you can hear all those scrubs accusing you of being free while you drain their life bar and beat them into a messy pulp.

One thing to mention is an optional Connector Kit that is sold separately. With the Connector Kit, two Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick V.S. can be connected together and played side by side, offering a unique arcade-style experience. While this seems like a very cool setup, I don't see many people, aside from arcade owners, wanting to buy this. It's a bit of work to connect the two controllers and it's not a simple snap together job. This will take a minute to set up and take apart. If anyone actually buys this and has a permanent set up, I'm there.

So should I buy it or not? This is where it gets sticky, no put intended. Mad Catz always makes such great fightsticks so it's hard to recommend a new one if you have an old one. They all come with good quality parts and are built to last. On the other hand, I'm sure like most of you, I have an old Street Fighter 4 TE stick that has seen better days, so if you are looking for an upgrade definitely go with this one. Although with a price point of 199.99, this one is quite the investment.

If you're still on the fence this might be the tipping point, this stick comes recommended by street fighter pro Daigo "The Beast " Umehara. As a legend in the fighting game world, his seal of approval carries a lot of weight. The artwork on the face plate is great and the stick its self has a good look to it, with a polished shiny plastic and exposed chrome screws its a nice piece of hardware to be carrying around at your next tournament.

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Tech Junkies: Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S. Edition Review


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