Elder Scrolls Online Faction Details: Meet The Aldmeri Dominion


Posted May 17, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Elder Scrolls Online Faction Daggerfall Covenant Detailed

Details about The Elder Scrolls Online faction the Aldmeri Dominion have hit the Internets, and if you're into conquering, you might want to think about signing up when the game launching

“The Aldmeri Dominion wants to dominate the world. They plan on taking over the world. Submit or die,”  says game director Matt Firor. “The Aldmeri Dominion is like, ‘we’re going to kill everyone that isn’t us. You people are going to help us or else.’”

Sounds hardcore, no? 

Along with the info on this war-like faction, Game Informer's feature also gives some details on locations in ESO, including Valenwood, Summerset Isles and the Elsweyr, home of feline race the Khajiit.

There will be three factions in The Elder Scrolls Online. We checked out the democratic Daggerfall Covenant earlier, and are desperately awaiting the third.

I'm making my faction choice based on which of the three factions I think will feature the most mature players. I've found in MMOs, that kids tend to head to the "good looking" factions and, say, roll Alliance in WoW. So I'm thinking I'll go with the Aldmeri Dominion in ESO. What about you?

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Elder Scrolls Online Faction Details: Meet The Aldmeri Dominion


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