Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Multiplayer DLC Outed


Posted May 16, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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BioWare is preparing to release another multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, an accidental (and now-removed) posting on the Sony Asia website reveals. The information was snatched up by Kotaku and preserved for the gaming Internet to peruse... so peruse away.

The DLC -- which the removed web listing says is out as of today, May 16, 2012 -- will add two new maps, three new weapons and six new classes to the game. If it's anything like the previous Resurgence DLC pack, it'll be a free release. How you earn those new weapons and classes, however... that's on you. Built-in microtransactions allow players to buy the same booster packs with real money that they could with in-game money.

The two new maps are Firebase Jade, a "jungle reservoir," and Firebase Goddess, which is set on the Asari homeworld of Thessia. Reinforcement packs will also be updated with the new weapons and equipment, as well as the new classes, which are split up two apiece between three of the series' fictional races. You'll be able to get the Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, the Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, and the Phoenix Adept and Vanguard. It's not clear what a "Phoenix" is, as there's no established Mass Effect race with that name.

Mass Effect fans are still waiting for more definitive word from BioWare on when the Extended Cut DLC pack will be released. First revealed back in April, the upcoming content pack is BioWare's effort to address criticisms among the fan community of the ending in Mass Effect 3. The original announcement pegged the DLC pack, which brings "additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes" into the game, for a summer 2012 release, but there's still no more specific date than that.

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Multiplayer DLC Outed


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