Max Payne 3 Gang War Gameplay Video -- Gang Wars: Tiete River Docks.


Posted May 14, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Check out the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer video below; it shows off the Gang Wars game mode on the Tiete River Docks. Pla-ow! Pl-aow!

In this mode, you'll try to grab the heavily defended drug packages from a rival gang and not get your wig split in the process. As you can see, Brazil is a tough country, and making off with the "flags" is not going to be an easy trip. Dudes are hanging out in higher vantage points, just waiting for a duck like you to run by.

Max Payne 3 "Gang Wars: Tiete River Docks" Gameplay Video »

This video is only one piece of our Max Payne 3 video bonanza. We've also got Max Payne 3's first 15 minutes, a multiplayer video of MP 3's Team Deathmatch played on the "Mean Streets of Hoboken" map, and, of course, our (glowing) Max Payne 3 review.

Max Payne 3 Gang War Gameplay Video -- Gang Wars: Tiete River Docks.


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