Black Ops 2 Gameplay Features: 5 Things We Caught in the New Trailer


Posted May 8, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

Black Ops 2 Secrets & Easter Eggs: Top

As you might have expected, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be offering players a new gameplay experience in the Call of Duty franshie and you can definietly see them in the Black Ops 2 reveal trailer. Luckily, G4 has done the hard work for you and shined a spotlight on some of the gameplay features from the trailer to share with you.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Features we spotted in the new Black Ops 2 trailer.

Black Ops 2 Gameplay Features: 5 Things That Are New To The Series

5. Have Legs Will Travel

The mech you see above is called a CLAW (Cognitive Land Assault Weapon). It's an unmanned tank that looks like a mech in Metal Gear Solid 4. If you look closely you will see that the CLAW is equipped with a minigun, railgun, eight mortars, and a scoped rifle. The gameplay will involve you not only taking out human enemies and simple vehicles, but position you into certain situation that require teamwork and lots of firepower.

Black Ops 2 Gameplay Features: 5 Things That Are New To The Series

4. Follow The Leader

As you can see by the image above, this is the HUD of the quadrotor in action. At the bottom of the HUD you can see four methods of attack when using the quadrotor, as well as being able to detonate it on demand. What is interesting is in the yellow box, you can tap the left bumper to have squads follow your quadrotor, or if you hold down the left bumper you can have all of your squads follow it.

Also, there is a message in the HUD that says, secure. Players will be able to complete the objectives in their own pace rather than the old gameplay style in Black Ops where you knew where enemies were place and the game was scripted. It seems the missions will change and be different every time you play.

Black Ops 2 Gameplay Features: 5 Things That Are New To The Series

3. Take Control

Flying through Los Angeles on a unmanned aircraft and being able to control where you want to go gives players a more sandbox gameplay element in Black Ops 2. The image above is the HUD of the unmanned aircraft and in the yellow box you can see that hitting right trigger will switch you into CTOL mode, offering Black Ops players the option to completely control your aircraft and fly where you want to go. Also, you'll be able to attack using Sky Buster missiles dealing major damage to your enemies.

Black Ops 2 Gameplay Features: 5 Things That Are New To The Series

2. Back In The Saddle

Horses are new to the Call of Duty series and it seems to be on-rails as you escape from Menendez's forces across the Middle East while a choppers try to stop you. It seems you will get the same sense of experience as you did in the pervious Call of Duty series, but with horses. There is nothing showing that it will play like Red Dead Redemption as you can go anywhere you want in the Middle East, but leaping great heights, sand blurring your vision, and bullet flying by your face will still be satisfying and simulate your mind.

Black Ops 2 Secrets & Easter Eggs: Top

1. Stamp of Approval

Black Ops 2 introduces small QR codes on your weapons? On Mason's pistol, you can see one of these codes, and next to it, it says, "Treyarch PAT. SERIAL ZWHT397"; Could this mean players will be able to share their custom weapon designs with their friends simply by creating a QR code for them to scan? Or, at the very least, allow players to manage their loadouts on the go via whatever mobile app component the game will no doubt include. This would fit it nicely with all of their talk about incorporating new and unexpected social media elements into the COD experience. (For more on this, check out our Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia interview).

Black Ops 2 Gameplay Features: 5 Things We Caught in the New Trailer


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