Speculation Ops: Top 5 Things We Want in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Posted May 2, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Black Ops 2

Unlike it’s modern counterpart, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 offers more in the way of eras to visit and operations to uncover than just new gadgets to eviscerate the competition. That’s not to say that we won’t get our virtual hands on some of the greatest devices this side of the cold war. This slice of the Call of Duty franchise seems to focus more on the historical espionage of our time as well as those events in the future that have not yet been written.

Maybe it’s about time that we started to read between the blacked out lines and think about some of the great operations, military hotspots, and amazing weapons we want to get our hands on this time around.

Here are our picks for things we want to see in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 single player campaign.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Locations

Operation Cyclone - Making Frenemies

The team behind Call of Duty has never shied away from controversy or dipping their toe into the darker eras of American history. Taking the fight to deserts of Afghanistan with Russian forces nipping at your heels during the early 80’s could provide a very interesting background for a couple of the levels in the game. Looking to stop the spread of communism no matter where it went, the United States spent millions to support militant Islamic groups in that were already fighting a Marxist-oriented regime in the area.

Low tech meets hit-and-run tactics as small forces used anything at hand to disrupt supply lines, power, or to just shake up the confidence of the troops in the region. It wouldn’t be until 1987 when Soviet forces would withdraw from the region after massive rocket attacks and bombs from the rebel organizations. Before you start chalking up another win for America and freedom, some speculate that such a movement motivated other smaller groups to take up arms. One such group would later form to what we know today as al-Qaeda.

While I doubt that we’ll meet a young bin Laden in the game, the parallelism of American forces helping Afghanistan forces with an internal threat is nearly too good to pass up. As we’ve seen in the trailer, the horse-mounted footage could easily point to those early days in the 80’s where resources were tight and anything went in war.

Black Ops 2

Droning On – Going Where No Man…

Speaking of Afghanistan… the rise of drones and other unmanned flying vehicles appears to be the future of warfare. These flying death dealers need only a target, a little fuel, and a man behind the controls. Already, engineers are looking to eliminate that last bit. Aiding in both surveillance and assault, drones have become a valuable resource as a way to reduce human casualties as well as collect data. Already, our own government is looking at clearing the skies for unmanned drones to keep an eye on our own population. Look as though Big Brother has some new toys.

We’re still not in the age of Half-Life’s Man-hacks, but we’re not too far from that as well. Tiny motorized copters can already work in unison to fly around objects while keeping in formation, switch formations when necessary, and even build basic structures by following a program. What’s to say that by 2025 we won’t be treating these drones or other subsequent flying units as apart of the team of data collectors or as a sniper who can always find the perfect position? Even land units such as Boston Dynamic Big Dog have proven to be able to move over rough terrain to reach a target or collect data away from the prying eye of radar.

We get a glimpse of both drones and a four-legged walker in the trailer. Hopefully, the future isn’t that far away.

Black Ops 2 Locations

Bloody Work – The War in Africa

Drones, complex computers, and high tech guns; we often forget that all of these things take resource to make, and at times, ones that are nearly impossible to find. Our next place that we want to see Black Ops go will be to the center of these resources, Africa. With so much strife and land changing hands on nearly a daily basis, maybe its time that we looked into this region and what our own government will do to keep the supply lines open. He who controls the resources, controls the world.

To keep the costs of your phone and other fun electronic devices down, many of the minerals like tin come from the Congo. Sure, you could mine this rare mineral from other areas of the world, but rebel troops have found a way to keep their cost low with forced labor. These conflict minerals not only fuel business, but also the war raging within the country as splinter groups fight to control resources and the government only perpetuates the conflict by aiding those in power. If you want to send a message to the modern consumer, there’s no better place to set the stage for a Black Ops mission.

Black Ops 2

One Just Cause – The Panama Invasion

What sounds like something you do during Spring Break turned out to be forcible removal of the country’s president, Manuel Noriega. Yes, the invasion of Panama has everything you would want in a Black Ops level including shading dealings over drugs, a beautiful local, and lots of Rock N’ Roll.

Several incidents in Panama including the death of a serviceman as well as Noriega being connected to drug and money laundering schemes escalated the conflict in the area. It also didn’t help when the media keeps calling you a “wimp.” Imagine parachuting into this slice of tropical paradise in the early morning hours as you and your team storm through city streets as you try to stop the notorious Noriga from escaping the country.

Though the invasion only took a few hours, it wouldn’t be until weeks later until Noriega surrenders to American troops after blasting his compound with rock music 24-hours a day. If this sounds strange to you, then you’ve never had to listen early-90’s rock music.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Locations

Rise of the Hacker Warrior

As we begin to depend more and more on technology, computers will become a larger target in the wireless war. We’ve seen drones take a nosedive in enemy territory as well as power plants come under attack from the inside as super worms nibble at their precious systems. The war of the future takes place on the mainframe rather than the battlefield.

With all of these shots of Los Angeles in the near future, let’s see a complete meltdown of the digital infrastructure. No one will be able to call for help. Traffic will be at a standstill. Communication between divisions will be stretched beyond their means. As you can probably already guess, nothing will be all that different from now other than those nifty electronic build boards telling you about the next exit.

But imagine being about to take down communication or placing misinformation within the info that’s moving between each of the units. In the future, the most powerful weapon may just be the keyboard.

Speculation Ops: Top 5 Things We Want in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


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