Internet Hints Pointing To Half-Life 3?


Posted April 30, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Half-Life 3 Protest Provokes Smile, An Interview

Half-Life 3 is such an eagerly awaited game, that we'll report on anything that even suggests it's coming. We've got some intriguing recent tidbits that are enough to at least be aware of. This is very, very far from any kind of official announcement, but here's the rumor.  Website Inside Gaming Daily reports that a site with the URL http://orange.half-life3.com/apache2-default/ exists. And when you go to it, there's a message reading simply:

"It works!"

Valve owns that domain, and the part of the domain that reads "apache2-default" is the default created when you install Apache, a Website engine, leading to speculation that Valve is preparing Half-Life 3's website. It could mean absolutely nothing.

Some on the internet are speculating that a recent tweet from IGN reading "Wake up and smell the ashes," a quote from Half-Life 2 relates to a recent post from Valve's twitter reading "Be sure to check out all the #Valve feeds." I seriously doubt that these two messages are related, and I think the gaming community's search for a pattern in unrelated places indicates, mainly, the fervency of everyone's desire for any news at all about Half-Life 3.

But I could be totally wrong.

The most interesting recent development in the story of Half-Life 3 seems to come from Gabe Newell himself, who recently appeared on a podcast and spoke at some length about the development of "Ricochet 2," which may be a Gabe's coded way of talking about Half-Life 3.

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Internet Hints Pointing To Half-Life 3?


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