Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease


Posted April 27, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

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 Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease

Congratulations and welcome to our Prototype 2 Radnet event challenges guide on how to get platinum medals with ease. this Prototype 2 guide will aid you in your quest to be the best and show your friends who they are dealing with. In order to unlock platinum medals for all Radnet challenges you will need to complete the game on any difficulty to participate in the new and harder goals. Always remeber, practice makes prefect, but practicing perfectly makes you even better than perfect. Have fun!

Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease

Set 1 Challenges

Collateral Damage: Blast Radius - Platinum (140 Kills)

Drop down from above and use Hammerfist power attacks to kill as many troops as possible in as few drops as possible. To get the high score in this event, aim for dead center in the middle of the Balackwatch and then hold the Attack button to power bomb with ground spikes.

To reach the center reliably, drop low to the ground before you glide, then glide in slowly over the center of the ring - the higher in the air you are before you start your Hammerfist drop, the greater the chances of mission your target. You have three drops in each round to kill all of the Blackwatch soldiers. An unused drop gives you a 10 point bonus. Hold Attack to perform the circular Eruption attack, or Secondary Attack for a frontal Shockwave attack when dropping.

Collateral Damage: Crosshair - Platinum (65 Kills)

Unlike the first collateral event, this one has the soldiers lined up in X patterns. Aiming for the center works fine at first, but once they line up in multiple "stacks" X's, you need to aim for the outer edges of the center. doing so lets you maximize kills by taking out both the outer X and part of the center.

After the basic X's, they start to spread out, making full clears very precision dependent. If you're even a hair off center, you won't score a squad wipe.

Recovery: City Salvage - Platinum (1:28)

The first and most basic Recovery event, this mirrors the Cargo Salvage races you performed during the Blacknet missions.The difference here being, of course, the ability to humiliate your friends. There are 18 containers spread throughout the Yellow Zone; race to collect them all as quickly as possible.

Recovery: Rooftop Recon - Platinum (1:12)

There are a lot of significant drops here. Learning to use the drop-kick to speed up your descent is very helpful for shaving seconds off your time. Also remember that any time you see an air glide when fully upgraded, you drift a bit longer, which can hurt your time if you're trying to fall. 

 Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease

Set 2 Challenges

Incineration: Gauntlet - Platinum (1:00) 

There are five barrels located in a rough pentagon pattern straight out from where you start, with the incinerator directly behind you. There are also annoyingly places Blackwatch soldiers with rocket launchers.

Sprint forward, get some air, then immediately look on to a barrel and do a dive grab to pick it up. Spin around, leap up high, and lock on to toss it into the incinerator. The basic pattern is what you want to follow on every incinerator mission, preferable while not taking rockets in the face.

Rampage: Outbreak - Platinum (70,000)

You can tie up three with Tendrils, then tear off pieces to heavily damage them, ending with a finish of Hammerfist or Blade, for the Juggernaut and Brawlers respective. More enemies constantly pour in as you defeat them, so stay busy beating up basic infected when no larger target is present.

Incineration: Crossfire - Platinum (1:00)

There are four barrels up on rooftops nearby: two to the right, two to the left. Conveniently, there are two incinerators places back to back facing each of the barrels. Again, the tricky art here is avoiding incoming rockets while you go for the barrels. Remember that as soon as you toss a barrel towards the incinerator, you need to be changing your direction and air dashing immediately, so as to not waste time.

Rampage: The Final Shootout - Platinum (70,000)

This time you're up against basic soldiers, super soldiers, and helicopters. You can use the cars nearby to fling at the helicopters or use your Whipfist.

Note that you can weaponize the helicopters, but the points for using weapons aren't necessarily better than using our melee powers efficiently. Experiment with using them to blast specific targets and see how it affects your score compared to simply slicing and dicing targets as quickly as possible.

Chowing down on a super soldier gives you good Mass for unleashing special attacks here, just as eating Brawlers or Juggernauts does, so be sure to take advantage of it. 

 Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease

Set 3 Challenges

Collateral Damage: Grand Slam - Platinum (124 Kills)

You start with four dives, and multiple rings of soldiers with barrels within them. As with the previous Collateral event, aim for the outer edge of the center of the formation, so that you can detonate a barrel and pick off center soldiers at the same time to clear the rounds more efficiently. The second round forces you to learn perfect Shockwave aim. Lines of soldiers lead out to barrels with more clustered solids, so the only way to get all of the kills is to land a Shockwave right at the start to get the aiming down just right.

Remember that your initial impact is lethal to soldiers. This quickly becomes important when later rounds put you up against lines of soldiers that are more spread out. You have almost zero margin for error when you land to take out every target.

Rampage: Survival Of The Fittest - Platinum (110,000)

You can tear up the Evolves and nearby Blackwatch by using the Tornado attack on the Blade, but don't bother with Tendrils or Hammerfist here: the Evolves are too nimble.

Dodge or block incoming attacks to acid or stagger the Evolved, and counter-attack if you trigger a special attack prompt. From this Rampage on, you should really be fully upgraded in terms of combat abilities to have a good chance of outscoring your buddies.

Incineration: Pit - Platinum (0:58)

This is a tricky mission. there are five barrels spread out in an arc in front of you, but they are widely spaced, and all are on rooftops.

The lone incinerator is right by your starting position on the ground level. The problem here is that eating a rocket in the wrong place can send you tumbling down to ground level, wasting a ton of time. Try to keep yourself over the rooftops, so if you do eat a hit, you don't fall far. Naturally, avoiding all hits is mandatory if you want to perfect your score!

Recovery: Freefall - Platinum (1:16)

This race really tests your ability to perform accurate, speedy drops from heights. There are huge vertical shifts between the containers here, so you have to drop quickly or you waste too much time in the air. When handing the few shorter jumps that do exist in this race, remember to moderate your Jump button push so that you only gain a moderate amount of height.

 Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease

Set 4 Challenges

Chopper: Corkscrew - Platinum (1:17)

This is your inaugural Chopper event! Use this chance to get a feel for the race gates that you have to pass through. You don't need to enter them fully to make them count, and clipping some of the trickier gates can shave a precious few seconds off your time.

There are 24 gates scattered throughout the Red Zone, and a good number of them demand that you fly in very close proximity to buildings around sharp corners. Stay as close as you can, but not at the risk of bumping anything and losing speed.

Incineration: Pillar - Platinum (0:48)

There are four barrels this time, all on rooftops, as are the two incinerators. Two of the barrels are in front of the incinerators, two behind. To get a good time, grab and toss the two paired barrels before moving to the second pair.

Chopper: Disaster Zone - Platinum (1:19)

The 27 gates take you through the highs and the lows of the Red Zone. The constant altitude changes can trip you up if you clip the edge of rooftops. Remember that your helicopter is tilted at an angle, so you need to have slightly more clearance than you might think to avoid not just the roof itself, but all the junk sticking up from it as well.

Recovery: Ruins - Platinum (1:28)

This event includes 27 containers in the Red Zone. This one is a dozy, as it sends you sprinting along the edges of titled skyscrapers and even up a lump of Infected biomass. Yuck!

There are several rooftops with multiple containers, so make sure you handle sprinting and manage the turns. Missing a container (or worse, running off the edge) loses you a lot of time. Otherwise, just watch your transition time from rooftop to shave seconds, using divers to cut time off the long descents.

 Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease

Set 5 Challenges

Collateral damage: Kamikaze - Platinum (160 Kills)

The layout for this level is positively evil, as you start on a rooftop nearby, but your target soldiers are on the other side of a skyscraper. The only way to reach them is to glide around from the left or the right. You need to use both approaches, but no matter which route you take, you have to make sharp turns, and that makes lining up you landing much more difficult.

There's a mix of circular targets and straight line Shockwave rows that you have to hit perfectly to detonate explosive barrels here. Consequently, your lineup is extremely important, so try to come in low and slow. Do the final adjustments to your aim as you drop to the ground.

Chopper: Flyover - Platinum (1:14)

This chopper level tests your nerve as you pass under the freeway and fly around cranes by the pier in the Yellow Zone through 24 gates. The early part of this mission is actually easier than the Red Zone flying, but the middle has you swooping through cramped areas between buildings and underneath the freeway. Use gentle altitude adjustments. Anything more is guaranteed to send you crashing into something.

Rampage: Battle Royale - Platinum (140,000)

Here you encounter a full blown riot in the Red Zone, with Blackwatch, Infected, and regular military going at it.You can rack up points any number of ways here, focusing on or avoiding either the Blackwatch or Infected creatures as you see fit. Be sure to mix up your power selection here. Using the right weapon for whatever group of enemies you're tackling can pile on thousands of points to your score. 

Chopper: Gorge - Platinum (1:14)

Facing 23 gates in the Yellow Zone might seem easier than the other events, but it's not. This event sends you through the tightest spaces Radical could find, under the freeway and between extremely narrow spaces barley wide enough to fit the chopper. The nastiest spots tend to be turns that are nearly blind as it's very hard to see exactly which way you need to be facing to avoid a nose or tail collision. Take a few practice runs where you slow down and examine the terrain between gates to plot a course. You don't have time to scan the terrain or guess which way to turn on a full speed run.

Prototype 2 Radnet Event Challenges Guide: How To Get Platinum Medals With Ease


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