Video Games Blamed For Murders... Again


Posted April 27, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Battlefield 3

A particularly nasty and senseless crime went down in Winter Haven, Florida earlier this week. Reportedly, thirty-two year-old Joshua Davis was smoking pot with some college kids (I guess things are like that down in Florida), and he then suddenly gunned down two of them and wounded a third,  all while his young daughter watched.

Beyond his own explanation that he "had a dark feeling," no one really knows why Davis snapped. So why am I talking about it on a video game blog? Because the local authorities in Florida (with the help of the local media) blame the crime (partially) on Davis' love of Battlefield 3.

Police Chief Gary Hester said Davis was addicted to the game and added that he, "told the detectives freely and talked very freely about playing that game on a daily basis and had some real enjoyment playing Battlefield 3."

Enter the media. Local station WTSP called on psychiatrist Walter Afield for comment, who said, "It makes life and death mean nothing, just a spot on a video screen, you know, this guy comes out and blows these people away and his daughter sees it," he said.

It bears mentioning that the WTPS offered this unintentionally funny description of Battlefield 3, which indicates the level of research it did before pinning a double murder on a form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people:

"It's a single-shooter game where the player goes on a war-like mission to kill people."

Ultimately, the judge in the case denied Davis bail and a trial will follow.

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Video Games Blamed For Murders... Again


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