Skyrim DLC To Include Snow Elves And Crossbows?


Posted April 27, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Skyrim DLC To Include Snow Elves And Crossbows?

News on plans for Skyrim DLC could be less than a week away if Bethesda's Pete Hines gets his way, but a few tech-savvy fans may have beaten some of that reveal to the punch thanks to animation files included in the latest patch for the game (via RipTen). Specifically, file names make mention of bow a "snow elf prince" and crossbow, both of which would be new to the 2011 RPG.

The crossbow is pretty self-explanatory but the filenames that mention the Snow Elf Prince point to certain elements of the deeper Elder Scrolls lore. The ancient snow elves were led by one known only as the Snow Prince, who staged a campaign against the early Nord settlers in Skyrim. The elf leader was killed by a child at one of the conflict's key battles, allowing the Nords to push back on their attackers and, ultimately, ruin them.

The beleaguered elves retreated underground, where they met up with the Dwemer (the Elder Scrolls version of dwarves). They were eventually betrayed by the underground dwellers, rendered blind by a toxic fungi they were fed. Over time, the snow elves transformed into the falmer, a particularly vicious enemy type you encounter in some of Skyrim's underground locations.

There's actually a statue of a snow elf that you can track down in Skyrim, at the Irkngthand Sanctuary. It's the same location that you head to for one of the very last missions in the Thieves Guild questline.

The same Elder Scrolls Wikia page that the above information comes from also mentions hints of a return for the snow elves. The possibility is apparently raised in one of the in-game books, The Falmer: A Study.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, of course, but the presence of animation files inside the update for these things certainly suggests that some form of crossbow and "Snow Elf Prince" content is coming to Skyrim in the near future.

Skyrim DLC To Include Snow Elves And Crossbows?


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