New Angry Birds Space Levels Released


Posted April 26, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Angry Birds Space Announced

New levels for Angry Birds Space are available now. That was quick, eh, Angry Birders? The new Angry Birds Space episode is called "Fry me to the Moon," and it features ten new levels.

Developer Rovio is also including 20 free space eagles on iOS as a thank you to its legions of pig-killing, bird-flinging fans. They're also giving out a free space eagle every day on iOS, so if you play every day, you can pick up your free eagle.

Here's the Angry Birds Space link. Get your levels!

Like everyone on earth, I downloaded and played the first Angry Birds game. I found it a fun iPhone diversion for a brief while, but after completing the first set of levels, I didn't play it much more. I checked out Angry Birds Space, and had much the same reaction. It's cool, no doubt, but not something I'm going to play for ever an ever. And yet Angry Birds is the most successful franchise in mobile gaming history.

My question to you: Is Angry Birds that much better than every other game for the iOS, or is it a good game that somehow got very, very lucky?

New Angry Birds Space Levels Released