Call Of Duty Theories Spurred By Leaked Screenshot, Viral Teases


Posted April 26, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Call Of Duty Theories Spurred By Leaked Screenshot, Viral Teases

The puzzle of what the 2012 Call of Duty game will be -- can we just call it Black Ops 2 now? -- continues to become more complex. Two more "Classified" windows on the CallofDuty.com homepage have been replaced with cryptic images that presumably point to facts about the coming game. There's also what appears to be a set of in-game images featuring the previously teased "Prototype Quadrotor."

Two more images have popped up in the "Classified" windows on CallofDuty.com since the quadrotor video appeared. One appears to be a logo of some sort, featuring the word "Tacitus" in red lettering. The other window now features a constantly cycling set of alphanumeric strings. As for the supposedly leaked quadrotor images, posted at MP1ST.com, they came from a now-removed page on a special effects firm's website that identified the project as "Call of Duty."

There's a lengthy rundown over at MP1ST that attempts to decipher what all of this means. The supposedly leaked in-game screenshots seem to be the most telling bit of evidence. The quadrotor is already linked with the next Call of Duty game, the effects firm labeled the project with the title, and those screens sure do look like they're crafted inside the game's engine.

Call Of Duty Theories Spurred By Leaked Screenshot, Viral Teases

Call Of Duty Theories Spurred By Leaked Screenshot, Viral Teases

The information from the two "Classified" windows at CallofDuty.com is less clear. Many seem to think that Tacitus refers to a fictional in-game weapons manufacturer, a possibility supported by an image of the quadrotor with the Tacitus logo watermarked across it (an image which could admittedly have been easily faked).

The set of alphanumeric strings is even less clear. One fan swapped out the letters in each code for numbers and plugged them into a map as coordinates. The results are certainly noteworthy; they point to five different locations in Japan, South Korea, Afghanistan, and, in two cases, China. What's more, the locations are arrayed out in a straight lined when viewed on a flat map.

Obviously there's nothing definitive here. Let's all remember though that this next Call of Duty game is coming from Treyarch, the same developer that is notorious for burying elaborate easter eggs inside of its zombie mode maps. It certainly appears that those skills are being applied on a broader scale here. A constantly updating thread on the CallofDutyZombies.com forums continues to speculate on all of this stuff, so keep an eye on that and other fansites for timely updates.

Call Of Duty Theories Spurred By Leaked Screenshot, Viral Teases


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