The Secrets of Fez - All The Codes You Need To Beat The Game

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Posted April 25, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

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I present to you the hidden language behind all the puzzles in Fez. Journey into this 2D platformer and you might get lost among the hidden symbols lurking around every corner. With these translated codes, you’ll finally be able to take your gameplay to the next dimension.

Once you unlock the secret to Fez, there’s no turning back. This is my warning to you. Grab a friend and a pad of paper as you explore the lush pixelated landscape and poke at every mystery you find. Part of the journey and what makes Fez such an amazing game is slowly solving every mystery that you come across. Having the key won’t solve all the problems presented to you in the game, but you’ll just have to hard crack the monolith just like everyone else.

Turn back now, young readers. The secret world of Fez is about to be revealed.


The Language of Fez

We should all be embarrassed. As with each of the codes we’re about to uncover, there’s a single place, a Rosetta stone of sorts, that unlocks everything you need to decipher the clues hidden throughout the game. This one is right at the beginning.

Just a couple of areas from the start, you’ll find a rock with strange writing at the top of a structure. Beside it, there’s a fox jumping over a dog; a brown fox and a lazy dog. If you still don’t see what I’m getting at, there’s a sentence in the English language that uses all the letters in the alphabet.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Once you have that together, it’s only a matter of plugging in the words. In Fez, words run from the top to the bottom and you read things from right to left. If you find that still a little too taxing to figure out, here’s the code.


The Math of Fez

Put away your TI-80-whatevers. Fez works with a simple base-10 numerical system. Enter in one room in the second city section behind one of the locked doors and you’ll be surrounded by everything you need to know about the numbers, which at first looks like a code within itself.

Some numbers have multiple signs since you can add two signs together to create the new number. Add the signs for three and one together to get a single straight line through a square, four. Instead of explaining it to you, why don’t I just show you the code?


The Action of Fez

Even action has it’s own language. At the top of one of areas, you’ll find a rock with little indentions all around it. Jump and you’ll see a square appear. Flip the world left or right and you’ll see the s-shaped Tetris piece. This is the key to understanding how those tetriminos translates to actions.

Instead of trying to find it yourself, here’s the breakdown of all the moves.



The Secrets of Fez - All The Codes You Need To Beat The Game


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