The Witcher 2 Re-Reviewed: We Evaluate The 360 Version Of The Witcher 2


Posted April 25, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

The Witcher 2

G4 was very impressed with The Witcher 2 on the PC. In our Witcher 2 review, we gave it a 5... out of 5. But now the Witcher 2 is out on 360, so we had to check out how it holds up compared to the original.

Matt Keil played through the game for evaluation purposes, and detailed some of the differences between the two versions:

"Numerous enhancements to the vanilla version of The Witcher 2 give this new edition its name. Some of them are additions made to the PC version over the last year, such as storage chests, bonus DLC items, Arena Mode, a beefier tutorial, and the super-hard Dark Mode difficulty setting. Brand new to the Enhanced Edition is an intro cinematic that introduces the kingslayer far more effectively, a new ending cinema that nicely teases the possibilities for the inevitable The Witcher 3, bridging cinematics that smooth the transition between chapters, and new sidequests for Chapter 3. The original third chapter was a bit sparse, so these new quests flesh out the conspiracy and add a lot more character to the final location."

Read the rest of our The Witcher 2 review for more!

The Witcher 2 Re-Reviewed: We Evaluate The 360 Version Of The Witcher 2


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