Dishonored Mystery Box Teases Murder, Oppressive Regimes, and Curfews

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Posted April 24, 2012 - By Jake Gaskill

Dishonored Mystery Box Teases Murder, Oppressive Regime, and

As a way to either promote its upcoming stealth/sci-fi action title Dishonored, or to warn us  of an impending regime change at the hands of the mysterious City Watch, the folks at Bethesda and Arkane Studios sent over this rather sharp collection of game-inspired items housed inside a faux wooden crate.

The piece de resistance of the package is a snazzy, Victorian-inspired clock, complete with a temperature gauge and a hygrometer, which, as you are all well ware, is used to gauge humidity. Both meters confirmed our offices to be a comfy setting in which to get in some quality clock watchin’.

But the clock’s niftiest feature comes via a button on the back of it that plays the following message from your kind City Watch protectors:

Dishonored Secret Message Revealed »

And just in case Dishonored's art design and overall aesthetic wasn’t enough to conjure up memories of Half-Life 2, this broadcast surely will, with its Wallace Breen-esque warnings of staying safe and being on the lookout for individuals threatening to upend the entrenched societal establishment.

To this end, the package also includes a wanted poster for a “masked miscreant” and “Enemy of the City of Dunwall” who stands accused of murdering “various individuals of note.” The current reward stands at $10,000 coins. Not too shabby.

To see more of these finely crafted items, check out our Dishonored unboxing photo gallery. And remember, report any suspicious activity and stay safe. And be sure to tune in later in the week for our latest look at Dishonored in our new gameplay preview. It is a pretty safe bet that we will see more of the game at E3 12.

Dishonored Mystery Box Teases Murder, Oppressive Regimes, and Curfews


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