Valve Employee Handbook Reveals Inner Working Of Company; A/K/A: Your Job Probably Sucks


Posted April 24, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Valve Employee Handbook

An employee handbook from Valve has hit the internet. Generally, I wouldn't be linking to internal, organizational documents related to a company because it would be very dull, but if you've ever wondered why, exactly, Valve is the best game company on the planet earth, this document may enlighten you. It's all about structure.

At heart, Valve is organized in a non-hierarchical manner, and relies on no outside funding or influence. Even Gabe Newell doesn't have people who report to him. The idea is to hire awesome people who want to do awesome things and the just let them do those things -- according to the document, the employees are all on self-directed projects, all the time.

Maybe that means Half Life 3 doesn't come out when you want it to, but it also means that when it does come out, it will be extra-double awesome, because there isn't a board room full of guys in suits pushing the "creatives" toward a November release so that quarterly sales figures can be higher.

Of cours, the danger in such an endevaor is that it flashes bright and burns out, but somehow, Valve's been chugging along just fine for a bunch of year.

Before you click this link, be warned: Valve's employee handbook will make you very, very jealous.

Valve Employee Handbook Reveals Inner Working Of Company; A/K/A: Your Job Probably Sucks


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