Prototype 2 Beginner's Guide: Everything You Need To Know Now


Posted April 24, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

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Welcome to Prototype 2 beginner's guide where we gather together all the infomation about storyline, enemies, and powers James Heller can use into one easy to use cheat sheet. Let us first start off with the back story to get you up to speed with things. 

Prototype 2 "The Story So Far" Recap Video »

Story Recap


Alex J. Mercer was the former researcher of the Blacklight project at Gentek, a genetic engineering company based in New York that produced and altered DNA to create the Blacklight virus. In 1963, Gentek infected and destroy the town of Hope, Idaho using the Blacklight virus, which Blackwatch, a black ops military force to contain virus outbreaks by any mean necessary, found one sole survivor named, Elizabeth Greene. She was given the codename, Mother, because the virus didn't kill her it made her body a factory of lethal viruses. She was moved to New York City for more experiments by Gentek.

In 2008, Alex Mercer find out about the Blacklight project and that the company was being killed one by one, Alex tried to flee out of the city with a vial of his research, but was cornered by Blackwatch. Alex then released the virus by smashing it onto the floor, unleashing the deadly virus onto the area. After awaking at a Gentek facility with no recollection of his past, Alex Mercer escapes the building, and soon discovers his new found powers and abilities, granted by the virus he unleashed. With this, he begins to utilize his powers in order to learn more of his fragmented past, as he scoured all of New York for those responsible.

In Prototype 2, you play as James Heller, a former US Marine Sergeant, who lost his wife and daughter because of Alex Mercer releasing the virus to the public. As Heller attempts to get his revenge, Alex Mercer infects James Heller with the virus giving him powers similar to his.

Prototype 2 Beginner's Guide 




Evolved are genetically enhanced soldiers created by Alex Mercer for the purpose of destroying Blackwatch and Gentek. They sport underdeveloped blade arms as a means of attacking.


The Flyers are city birds that have been infected and mutated by the virus.

Brawler Hunter

Brawlers are man-sized biomass monsters that have been infected from a cocoon state, surrounded itself with a pustule, and then transformed into a Brawler.

Spiked Brawler

Spiked Brawlers look like mutated gorillas with reptilian features. They have many sharp spikes located on their backs, and have a red glowing patterns that cover their hide.


Juggernauts are powerful creatures, built with durable, obese bodies, stubby yet thick legs, powerful arms, and jaws broken into three separate parts.


Goliath is a humanoid female form of infected created after the second outbreak. It appears to be vaguely humanoid, though larger than a building of several stories. It is red-colored between white ribs on its chest and the red areas appear to be bare muscle. It moves surprisingly fast, with oddly-angled back legs and front arms like a massive gorilla.

Super Soldiers

Super Soldiers are enemies who have been genetically enhanced with the DX-1120 strain from the Blacklight virus, creating this larger and stronger soldier.


Roland is a Evolved who was the right hand man to Alex Mercer, and has a stealth ability that James Heller cannot detect.

Prototype 2 Beginner's Guide

Abilities And Powers



The tendrils unleashed by Heller are capable of lifting and tearing apart cars and military vehicles, ensnaring powerful infected beasts, and even ripping large groups of enemies to shreds.


A double ended blade forms from the right elbow, turning James Heller's arm into a giant razor sharp cutting knife. The blade's basic attacks dish out higher damage than those from any of the other powers.


Devastators are super attacks that causes a massive area damage to their surroundings at the cost of using the critical mass bar.


This long appendage whip has a blade at the end to pick off enemies at a distance giving unique attacks to also grab your enemy from a distance.


The arms shifts into three-fingered blade on each arm allowing James Heller to shred flesh and bone like butter.


The Hammerfists are anti-vehicle ability that shifted James Heller's fists into two large hammer-like hands crush his enemies to dust.


Biobombs are an organic explosive, implanted under the skin of a victim by James Heller. After a while these tendrils like tentacles burst out of pull anything they touch in the center.


Consuming is the process by which Alex Mercer and James Heller absorb the biomass of another entity, adding their mass to their own.

Pack Leader

This ability allowed Heller to summon Brawler Hunters to fight by his side.


Shield completely nullifies damage and if timed right can reflect melee and projectile attacks back at the enemy.


Disguise is a shape-shifting, defensive ability of the Prototypes. This ability allows them to disguise as the last human target they have consumed.


Prototype 2 Beginner's Guide: Everything You Need To Know Now


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