Who We Think Kratos Should Kill in God of War: Ascension


Posted April 19, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

After slaughtering the entire pantheon Gods, a plethora of ancient heroes, and a whole zoo of mythological creatures in three God Of War console titles and two handheld games, there are only so many enemies left that Kratos can rip the head from in his newest adventure, God of War: Ascension.

As we all know, Ascension looks back at Krato’s younger years before he became the bloodthirsty, badass that he is today. But this also means that the Gods, heroes, and creatures he meets in the new game cannot coincide with the ones he kills later on. If Timecop has taught us anything, messing with the past is never a good idea.

Whoever the soon-to-be Ghost of Sparta strangles and eventually kills with his bare hands this time around, they cannot make any sort of impact to the story moving forward. This means Hercules gets a free pass and Hades can breathe a little easier since they bite the big one later in the series. So who’s left for Kratos to rip apart piece by bloody piece? Plenty.

Here are some of our picks for mythological creatures and heroes who might meet their terrible fate at the hands of young Kratos.


Typon and Echidna - "Mother of Monsters"

When you happen to be half nymph, half snake and you’re hubby, Typon, just happens to be one of the titans of old, you’re kids are most likely going to be a little messed up. On Mother’s Day, she gets calls from Cerberus, the three-headed mutt of Hades; the Chimera, the fire breathing lion, goat, and snake monstrosity you encounter in God of War III; as well as the dreaded hydra. Let’s not get into the baby shower you have to throw for those things. The lady with the pretty face and the dad with eyes of fire sure have some ugly kids.

But these kids are famous. Echidna, not to be confused with the little animal, brings not just herself but a whole army to get in the way of our anti-hero in training. Better yet, many of her offspring never make it to any of the later games. You might have taken out Cerberus, but what ever happened to his two-headed brother, Orthrus? A young Kratos could learn this monster taming skills from taking on this slightly lesser beast.


Ajax – He Knows How To Clean Up

Everyone knows that Kratos was a great warrior; then we should probably put him in one of the bloodiest wars at the time – the Trojan War. Imagine stepping onto the battlefield as a young warrior, just waiting to test his mettle. All the heroes from mythology from Ajax to Achilles pop up from time to time to mostly get in your way. You’re not here for heroism or fame. There’s something you want and you’ll burn through two nations just to get it.

Placing Kratos right in the middle of this battle would bring him face to face with some of the greatest warriors of his time: Ajax, Hector, Paris, Achilles, and Menelaus just to name a few. Maybe we should be looking at human legends rather than mythological ones. Before you can break the Gods, maybe it would be wise to take on the greatest men in the world. While most of the series focused on creatures, this could be the right time to work on some of the mortals we never get to see later in the game. It might explain why Odysseus never shows if face in later games if he’s missing half of it after a battle with the future God of War.


Arachne – Kiss of The Spider Woman

Everyone hates spiders and for good reason. I’m talking about big fangs, little legs, and you can probably feel a dozen of them walking over your skin just as you’re reading this. Arachne makes for a great boss by bringing together something you already hate and something you just haven’t seen in the God of War series, really big spiders.

Starting out as a rather boastful weaver, Arachne met her eight-legged fate at the hands of Athena who didn’t care for her perfect tapestries. Of course after becoming a monster, one cannot help but will off brave warriors with a simple kiss that implants eggs within their bellies to bust out later like some sort of ancient Greek version of Alien. Already, I could see a whole stage of warriors running in fear only to explode into a black mist of spiders trying to devour you. All the while, Arachne watches from the distance, licking her mandibles and just waiting for you to fall. It already makes my skin crawl.


Amazons – Kratos’ First Date

He was just a young kid with a chip on his shoulder and the blood of Zeus racing through his adolescent veins. She was apart of a murderous hero cult of female warriors who more often took men as prisoners than mates. Together, they would find true love – after beating each other to a bloody pulp.

Isn’t about time that Kratos got a love story? And for a boy who grew up know nothing but war, maybe the only woman who could touch his heart would be the only one that could kick his ass. Finally, we can find a way to this young warriors heart that won’t require quick button presses and quarter-circles stick rotations. Yes, I know. We’re taking a page out of Red Sonya, but honestly, who still remembers that movie?


Scylla – Putting the “Big” in Boss

And in this corner weighing in at several tons, we have the six-headed, four-eyed, cat-tailed Scylla. After seeing this massive monstrosity, Odysseus obviously took the wrong choice when trying to avoid the whirlpool. Six sailors (which just happens to be the number of hungry wolf heads around his waist) would still be alive if he just chooses the rolling waters rather than this creature of destruction.

Of course, when he picked Chrybdis the second time, everyone dies except for Odysseus. Maybe he should have just picked a different route.

Did we miss a monster or a hero you want to see Kratos take on? Let us know in the commnets section down below.

Who We Think Kratos Should Kill in God of War: Ascension


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