Super Monkey Ball To Include "Adult" Level


Posted April 19, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Super Monkey Ball To Include

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz for the PS Vita will contain an "adult" themed level centering on Japanese swimsuit model Yukie Kawamura.  This is for all those people who like Super Monkey Ball, but wish it was sexier.

The adult Monkey Ball level will only be available in Japan, and will be included as extra content available to people who buy the first run of the game. Basically, pick it up early and you'll get a code that lets you download the T and/or A for your Vita. No word on when the extra level is coming to the U.S., but my guess is "never." It's just too Japanese.

I've embedded a YouTube video under the "Read More" tag that shows off Kawamura playing the level and giggling. It's a little weird to watch a woman roll a ball filled with a monkey over representations of her own breasts, I think you will agree. But weird in a good way.

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Super Monkey Ball To Include "Adult" Level