Guns of Icarus Online - All Hands On Deck Preview!


Posted April 13, 2012 - By Alexa Ray Corriea


Guns of Icarus Online is the spiritual successor of Muse Games’ original turret-defense game Guns of Icarus. Stepping to the shoes of Captain Gabriel of the airship Icarus, players must transport across the world, gunning down pirates that try to knock you out of the sky.

Gabriel and his crew serve as supply carries between settlements in a post-apocalyptic world. Sporting an attractive steampunk aesthetic, Guns of Icarus allows up to four players to man the airship at once. No friends? No problem – Icarus lets you fill your ship with AI should you desire to play solo. As captain you as responsible for the ship’s maintenance, guarding its cargo, and giving orders during battle.

Players can form teams of up to eight airships and engage other teams in matches, scrambling to stay afloat in massive sky battles. When no locked in this PvP “skirmish mode” among factions, attempting to break air blockades or escorting important personnel to secret locations, players must disseminate information and technology to various parts of the world in an attempt to unify mankind. Using airships allows players to travel between pockets of civilization without braving the hostile environment or get caught in combat on the ground.

While Kickstarter was not used to initially fund the Guns of Icarus, the folks at Muse Games utilized the program towards the end of development as a way to gauge fan interest and round out their resources – a “ Kick-finisher,” if you will. All backers already have access to the game’s closed beta.

Muse Games’ Jessery Bengston explained that using Kickstarter creates an intimate bond between fans and game makers. “The benefit of using Kickstarter is the connection you build with fans involved. It’s more than just a preorder; they are participating in the development of the game. It makes them proponents of it, and they care more – we have this dialogue with them that allows us to shape the game they want, the game they paid for directly. This relationship between developer and fans is a huge bonus. It makes them the best kind of fan you can have.”

“I think Double Fine brought more people’s attention to Kickstarter. It changed the way a lot of us looked at it,” he added. “This is a totally different way of using the model now.”

Guns of Icarus Online is slated for a hopeful release later this year for PC and Mac.

Guns of Icarus Online - All Hands On Deck Preview!


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