Resident Evil 6 Story Trailer - 5 Things You Probably Missed


Posted April 11, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

On the heels of the new Resident Evil 6 trailer, we weed through every frame and jump cut to find out what Capcom is really hiding. To the naked eye, it may look like any other trailer packed with action, drama, and a horde of zombies. Look closer and you'll find some of the secrets behind Capcom's next big blockbuster. Here is our "Top 5 Things You May Have Missed" in the Resident Evil 6 new story trailer.

If you need a refresher, check on the story trailer before moving on to the good stuff.


Top 5 Things You Probably Missed In Resident Evil 6 Story Trailer »


Resident Evil 6

Number 5: In this particular scene, we are introduced to a new infected enemy type who sprays out a poisonous blue gas onto its victim. The victim later becomes infected turning him into a more aggressive zombie type, which is probably not the C-Virus in effect, since the main goal of the C-Virus is to create a new life form from a chrysalid state. The victim didn't go into a chrysalid state, but instead, he quickly turned into a zombie.

Resident Evil 6

Number 4: There's one mysterious person we keep seeing over and over again. She's the lady in the red scarf or as I like to call her Ada Wong. Here's my reasoning. Leon S. Kennedy is in the game. Where there's Leon, you know that his love interest, Ada, cannot be too far behind. Leon S Kennedy also says that our mysterious lady is a valuable witness meaning she has a lot of information about the C-Virus that could bring the company down. Ada Wong, again, fits the bill by being a spy who has worked closely with Umbrella and Albert Wesker. Finally, she even look fairly similar to Ada Wong if you compare her looks and the way she moves. Capcom even confirmed that Ada presence in Resident Evil 6. Hopefully, I'm not WONG! (Sorry for the bad joke.)

Resident Evil 6

Number 3: You might have missed that Lean S Kenndy was inserting a VHS into a VCR player to watch the C-Virus experiment test video. Why is that important? If you think about it, VHS tapes were use to capture footage back in the 1970s up until maybe the late 1990s. Has the C-Virus been developed since the 1990s during the T-Virus and G-Virus? Now it could just be an error on Capcom's side or Umbrella is the cutting edge in medicine and not video recording.

Resident Evil 6

Number 2: Alex Wesker might be in Resident Evil 6 hunting down either Jack Muller or Chris Redfield. In this screenshot, you can see a man with dark hair and a gray trench coat standing with FBI agents looking like a boss. One of Wesker's alternate costume in Marvel vs Capcom 3 is him in a gray trench coat, but with still blonde hair. Project W, an Umbrella program, was created to make superior race of humans, which Albert and Alex Wesker were still alive. We don't know the whereabouts of Alex Wesker, but it looks to me he's in China trying to get Jack Muller because maybe Jack Muller's blood is the key to finishing Alex Wesker's immortality project, which he stole from Oswell E. Spencer.

Resident Evil 6

Number 1: In this scene where the lady in the red scarf is talking to Jake Muller, aka Wesker Jr, there's a moment where the trailer flashes a couple of scenes before your eyes that you may have missed. If you look at the pic above, you can see a particular man who seems very important to Jack Muller. He could, in fact, be the creator of Jack Muller. The scientist in that screenshot could also be Dr. Alexander Ashford, Dr.Ozwell E.Spencer, or even Alex Wesker. Capcom didn't just picture of some random scientist to put in the trailer. He's an important man to the backstory.

Resident Evil 6 Story Trailer - 5 Things You Probably Missed


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