PAX East 2012 Cosplay Galleries

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Posted April 10, 2012 - By Dan Cromar

PAX East 2012 Cosplay Galleries

There was plenty of awesome cosplay going on at PAX East 2012, and we've got the photo galleries to prove it.

Check out our Nintendo cosplay pictures (with plenty of Link, Mario, and yes, the Squirtle Squad), our Valve cosplay gallery (where our photographer managed to capture Ratman on film), our Capcom cosplay pictures (what's Ryu playing, anyway...), and our TV/Movies cosplay picture gallery (It's Nacho Libre!). Plus, check out the shots from the Bioshock cosplay contest and our entire PAX East 2012 cosplay gallery.

Well done to all of you cosplayers out there. You really make me wish I had the attention span to work as hard on anything as you guys do on these costumes. Keep it up!

PAX East 2012 Cosplay Galleries


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