Borderlands 2: More Loot, More Goodies, and The Mechromancer


Posted April 9, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Borderlands 2

Randy Pitchford, Co-Founder at Gearbox, wants to make sure that you can satisfy your loot needs in real life by introducing new pre-order bonuses for Borderlands 2.

The man behind a billion guns showed off two of the new packages for this sought after shooter, The Deluxe Vault Hunter Edition and The Ultimate Loot Chest. If you’re not already excited for the game after reading our hands on impressions, then these might just sweeten the deal for you.

For those of you who happen to have a little extra cash, the Limited Edition comes with the trademark Marcus Kincaid bobble head to come along for the ride. For just 99 bucks, you can put that smug grin on the dashboard of your car.

For you rare treasure hunters out there, you will want to head for the limited edition Ultimate Loot Chest designed to resemble one of the many chests in the game. Don’t count on working pistons and smoke billowing out of the chest whenever you open it. Gearbox plans on packing it with plenty of goodies and will announce the full contents at a later date.

Borderlands 2

The one thing on everyone’s mind just happens to be the name of one little girl – Mechromancer. The team seems most excited about introducing a fifth class into the game and what kind of changes she can bring to the game. Described as a “cute little thing,” the Mechromancer has the ability to summon an evil robot, Deathtrap, to the field of battle to do her bidding.

Little about the new class was revealed during the convention since they’re still tweaking and building the class. Will she be tank class or someone who will support the team? With her own skill tree and animation, the team over at Gearbox are planning on bringing out this fully fleshed out character to the game around 60 – 90 days after the launch.

Pre-orders will get the Mechromancer for free, but customers will be able to buy the DLC at the same time when it gets released after the launch of the game. No one will need to wait in order to check out this new class.

Borderlands 2

And if that wasn’t enough, the team at Gearbox wants to reward those who played the original Borderlands with new skins and heads for each class especially made for the fans of the series. Nothing says “thank you” like more loot. Look to get your greedy hands on the game this September 18th when Borderlands 2 launches for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Borderlands 2: More Loot, More Goodies, and The Mechromancer


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